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City of Moulins
Provincial Capital
Top: Basilica of Moulins, Place des Terreaux with the Fontaine Sigurd and Moulins City Hall at night. Center: Moulins BioConservatory, Confluence district and Historic Fayle Town. Bottom: Pont Moresson, Byrch Central Business District with Place Cregeen in foreground during the Festival of Lights.
Administrative DistrictRedeemer’s Land
 • MayorThomase Gelling (Progressive Party)
 • Total996,871

Moulins is a city located in Zamastan and is the capital and second-largest city of the province of Redeemer’s Land, after Addleview. It has a population of around 996,000 and is a major transportation, economic, and cultural hub for the province. The city is one of the few primarily French-speaking cities in Zamastan outside of Mayotte and Auraine, having been settled predominately by Avergnonian refugees fleeing religious persecution in the early 1800s. A merchant city since its origins and a manufacturing city since the 19th century, a focus on industry made it a great industrial capital, mainly around the textile and mechanical industries. Their decline, from the 1960s onwards, led to a long period of economic crisis and it was not until the 1990s that the conversion to the tertiary sector and the rehabilitation of the disaster-stricken districts gave the city a different face. Nowadays, Moulins is known as a pristine tourist destination and for its cuisine.