Atticus Moreau

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Atticus Justin Moreau
Prime Minister Trudeau - 2020 (cropped).jpg
39th President of Zamastan
In office
September 22nd, 2020 – September 22nd, 2022
Preceded byFoley Sakzi
Succeeded bySabine Armitage
24th Alutia Governor (Zamastan)
In office
September 22nd, 2006 – September 22nd, 2016
Personal details
Born (1971-10-25) October 25, 1971 (age 52)
Alutia, Alutia (Province), Zamastan
Political partyBloc Mayotte (BMZ)
Height6 ft 4 in (193 cm)
SpousePaige Galmoore (1994-2000 div.) Sophie Moreau (2003-present)
ChildrenPreston, Alicia
Alma materBrebeunne College (1990-94) University of Tregueux (1994-98)

Atticus Justin Moreau is a Zamastanian educator and politician who served as the 39th President of Zamastan from 2020-22. He won the 2020 general election following Foley Sakzi's announcement that he would not seek reelection to a second term. Initially seeking reelection to a second term, Moreau dropped out of the 2022 election following many scandals and low public approval. Before the presidency, he served as the Governor of the Province of Alutia, a seat he held from 2006 until his resignation in 2016. He is a member of the Bloc Mayotte (BMZ) and helmed considerable influence in the Independence Bloc parties.

Born in Alutia, Moreau attended Brebeunne College and graduated in 1994, and then attended and graduated from the University of Tregueux in 1998. He has a bachelor of arts degree in literature and a bachelor of education degree. After graduating, he worked as a teacher in Alenchon City, Alenchon. As Governor of Alutia, major provincial government initiatives he undertook during his first term included legalizing recreational marijuana through the Alutia Cannabis Act, attempting provincial legislature appointment reform by establishing the Advisory Board for Provincial Appointments, and establishing a massive tax cut for middle class and small business families.

While praised for several of his economic policies and counter-terrorism policy as President, his term was marked with much criticism and controversy following the Barismont scandal, which probed into obstruction of justice and conspiracy with foreign governments to secure his victory in the 2020 election. Additionally, his affair with staffer Kristina Leach, the Bettencourt Protests, the secession of Mayotte, Aunistria, and Alutia, and the handling of the Tarijar Strait Crisis led to the lowest approval ratings of any modern president. His administration worked to limit illegal immigration and migrant crossings via the Ossinia Sea by signing the Nationality and Maritime Borders Act, but this policy is widely considered to be a failure. Additionally, his veto of Congressional Hall sanctions on Drambenburg at the outbreak of the 2022 invasion of Blaoria was condemned by nearly every sitting federal lawmaker and widely criticized by the public. Known for a combative personality in politics, Moreau often had a contentious relationship with the press, citing the Tofino Times and Jade Tribune as adversaries.

Consequential in many ways, his administration was lauded for his policies of firm stance against Yuan - particularly during the Jinchon Sea crisis - the engagement of the Zamastanian Air Force during the 2021 Chanchajilla War, commitments to WEDA neutrality during events such as the Hisrea War and the Birat conflict, and partnership with the Sotoan Basin Union during the civil war in Syraranto. Other popular successes of his administration were the nationwide legalization of recreational marijuana, the Families Act, an education reform bill, and tax breaks for lower income families.

Early Life, Education, and Family

Atticus Moreau was born on October 25, 1971 in Alutia to Aaron and Arnette Moreau. Aaron, a second-generation immigrant from Drambenburg, and Arnette, a second-generation immigrant from Avergnon, both came from families that had fled to Zamastan during the World War, albiet from opposing sides. At age four, Atticus' family moved to Saint Bellevue, Alutia. Moreau attended Brebeunne College and graduated in 1994, and then attended and graduated from the University of Tregueux in 1998. He has a bachelor of arts degree in literature and a bachelor of education degree. After graduating, he worked as a teacher in Alenchon City, Alenchon.

Political Career

Then-Governor Moreau delivering a speech on a doorstep in Alutia's Little Drambenburg in 2013

Bloc Mayotte, Alutia Center

Moreau was the president of the Bloc Mayotte's riding association in Alutia Center from 1997 to 2003 and was an unsuccessful Bloc Mayotte candidate in the 1998 provincial election, losing to parliamentary cabinet minister Pierre Dettigrew in the city of Papineau. He has been a long-time advocate for strengthening measures requiring the predominance of the French language in Alutia, as well as for Alutian independence.

Governorship of Alutia (2006-16)

In 2006, he won the provincial election for governor, becoming the highest ranking separatist politician in Zamastan. In 2011, he unsuccesfully launched a referendum to declare independence for Alutia province, but it was soundly defeated by a wide popular vote margin. In the weeks following the failure of the referendum, a number of riding executive members quit the party to protest Moreau's leadership and a number of individuals who had been considering running for the party in the next election removed themselves from consideration. On August 12, 2011, the party's parliamentary caucus was reduced to 3 MPs after House Leader Jean-François Pauline quit the party to sit as an Independent MP. Pauline accused Moreau of "pushing a unidimensional, intransigent agenda that lacks rigour has put an end to the credibility established by (former leaders) Gilles Ducieeke, a leader who merits great respect." On August 25, 2011, André Derallavance, who had lost to Moreau in the leadership vote also resigned, reducing the Bloc to two MPs. Derallavance told a press conference, in regards to Moreau: "His vision and orientation for the Bloc are diametrically opposed to mine. Mr. Moreau says he can unite the party; for me it’s not the case."

In November of 2012, legislation to legalize cannabis for recreational use was passed by the Alutian House of Commons. It passed second reading on March 22, 2013. On June 18, 2013, the provincial legislature passed the bill with most, but not all, of the House of Commons' amendments. Governor Moreau announced the next day that recreational use of cannabis would no longer violate provincial criminal law as of October 17, 2013, effectively legalizing it for both recreational and medicinal use. On the first day of legalization, the Government of Alutia announced that it intended to grant pardons to Alutians convicted of simple cannabis possession charges.

2020 Campaign for President

Atticus Moreau and Governor Thounan Bouchard of Alutia at a campaign rally in Alenchon on July 11th, 2020.

On October 27th, 2019, Moreau announced his intention to run for President of Zamastan, joining the 2020 Zamastan presidential election. In the first Presidential debate on June 27th, 2020, Moreau rose prominently in the polls with his defence of his separatist and independence ideological voting record by saying that he was very devoted to his community and his province, and at the time was passionate about increasing autonomy for provinces, concluding by saying;

“As president, I will sponsor greater autonomy for provinces, strip federal guidelines that restrict civil and provincial freedoms, but I will never sign away a province’s attempt to leave the republic as president.”

Following the second debate on July 23rd, Moreau soared to the top of polls for the six declared candidates [1]. Moreau pressed supporters and undecided voters to adopt his new progressive platforms, which included softening of gun control legislation (which he provided would mainly include stronger background checks to replace the current ban on assault weapons), further reproductive rights (including a call to end Zamastan’s third-trimester abortion ban), the federal legalization of marijuana, and a more lenient immigrant acceptance program. Moreau also called for stripping economic protection restrictions in order to allow for more oil drilling and fracking, as well as for corporations to have more access to foreign contracts. He also called for tax breaks for middle class families and small businesses.

The cover of Tarin's election issue magazine released on August 31st, 2020, featuring Atticus Moreau, Sabine Armitage, and Cain Blackwater.

The third and final Presidential debate took place on August 22nd, one month before the election. This time, the only candidates in attendance were Armitage, Moreau, Blackwater, and Wolffe, with Gunn and Lultquist having fallen far behind in the polls. Among the most pressing issues in the debate was the quickly unraveling civil war in Syraranto and the Jurrania Shore Oil Spill, drawing debate into how Zamastan should respond to the government of President of Syraranto Kyriakos Tasoulas beyond sanctions as well as environmental regulation and overwatch. Both of the events being discussed were quickly becoming the blackstains on President Sakzi's administration, since the sanctions at this point were largely being considered inneffective and the response to the oil spill were delayed due to poor management. In addition, the resignation of Larious Maxwell from his position of Speaker of the Chamber following dozens of sexual misconduct allegations prompted the question of ethics amongst candidates and their respective parties. Moreau came out on top once again, saying that although he believed President Sakzi and Secretary of State Avi Tremblan were trying their best to quell the situation in Syraranto, they had so far failed and the situation would not be under control by the time Sakzi left office. He then promised that although he would not commit to ground forces in the region, he was not opposed to backing rebel forces through supplies, aid, or even air superiority. Armitage committed that she would send ground troops if elected, a comment which is believed to have contributed greatly to her loss.

As the debates finalized and polling began to ramp up, Moreau was widely seen as the candidate most likely to win. However, on September 12th, President Sakzi decided to endorse Armitage for President, stoking fears in Moreau's campaign that this high profile endorsement of his opponent would cause his campaign to falter greatly. September 22nd saw election day, as voter turnout spiked to a 10-year high. Moreau managed to win nearly the entirity of the Eastern bloc of the country, including the entirity of his home province of Alutia. He also managed to win key districts in historically conservative and liberal provinces, which secured his victory in the race. Ultimately, Moreau won 139 district votes as opposed to Armitage, who finished second with 108. Cain Blackwater, who came in third, managed 80 votes.

The election result map of the 2020 election.


Domestic Affairs

Cabinet confirmations

Moreau and the first three confirmations of his cabinet, Secretary of State Jessiah Vallotis, Secretary of the Treasury Mara Orlandi, and Secretary of Defense Camille Boffrand were confirmed by newly elected Speaker of the Chamber Natasha Chastain on September 23rd, 2020, at Congressional Hall in Tofino, Zian. Attending the innauguration were 3 of the 4 living former-Presidents Foley Sakzi, Zacharias Castovia, and Quinn Werner (Anya Bishop refused the invitation to attend). The four Presidents, for the first time in Zamastanian history, met together in the Zian Presidential Mansion to discuss policy, world events, and general fellowship between the former leaders.


Moreau intends to halve child poverty in Zamastan within a decade. In October 2020, Moreau announced the start of his government's flagship Families Package. Among its provisions, the package gradually increased paid parental leave to 26 weeks and paid Z$60-a-week to low and middle-income families with young children. In 2021, the government began the roll-out of a school lunches programme to assist in reducing child poverty numbers. Other efforts to reduce poverty have included an increase to main welfare benefits, expanding free doctor's visits, providing free menstrual hygiene products in schools and adding to state housing stock. Economically, Moreau's government has implemented steady increases to the country's minimum wage and introduced the Provincial Growth Fund to invest in rural infrastructure projects.

Secession Movements

On October 29th, 2020, the pro-secessionist Bettencourt Protests erupted across Mayotte and Aunistria as the independence parties such as Bloc Mayotte and the Separatist Alliance Party seized on the opportunity of Moreau's presidency to further their cause for independence. Moreau, who during the presidential campaign had promised not to endorse secession, prompted the governors of each province (Thomas Bonhomme, MA; Moses Luna, AN; Stephanie Morente, AL) to hold their own referendums. This move, although popular in the provinces seeking independence, caused widespread outrage across the rest of the country. On December 4th, Mayotte overwhelmingly voted to secede from the republic, followed on December 6th by Alutia and Aunistria. A similar referendum was held in Titania, but failed. Congressional Hall attempted to block their referendums, declaring them unconstitutional, but the Supreme Court of Zamastan intervened in Bettencourt v. Government of Zamastan and ruled in favor of the provinces in a 7-2 vote on December 12th, with Chief Justice Roosevelt Dunn citing "provincial rights and priviledge" as the reason for upholding the referendums.

The provinces, now headed for fully autonomous governments, remained Zamastanian dependencies for the remainder of the year. On January 1st, 2021, the three provinces formally became independent forming three new nations of Mayotte, Auraine, and Alutiana. The secession of the three provinces was widely regarded as Moreau's greatest failure in office, as Zamastan had never ceded territory in its entire existance, and the economy stagnated due to the separation of major metropolitan areas such as Blythe, Alutia, and Auckandia.



On October 27th, 2020, a Jade Tribune report revealed that then-Governor Moreau had paid a total of Z$5,460 in taxes over his entire ten years as Governor of Alutia from 2006 to 2016. According to the report, which obtained tax records for President Moreau and his political allies over two decades - President Moreau paid little to no income taxes at all in 10 of the previous 15 years. It added that the president was personally responsible for more than Z$300k in loans, which would come due in the next four years. It did not suggest President Moreau received any previously unknown income from Drambenburg or Zamastanian based companies, though it said that the president had earned some money from foreign sources, and records revealed "chronic losses and years of tax avoidance".

Speaker Natasha Chastain attacked Moreau publically, saying "this president appears to have over Z$300,000 in debt. To whom? Companies? Different countries? What is the leverage they have?" she asked, adding: "So for me, this is a national security question. The fact that you could have a sitting president who owes hundreds of thousands of dollars that he's personally guaranteed to lenders, and we don't know who these lenders are." Chastain also suggested that President Moreau may be indebted to the CEO's of big lender companies and even the Kaiser of Drambenburg, Peter XXI Wettin, whom Moreau has praised in the past. While it was never officially determined who those sources were, previous connections to CEO's of Yuaneze and Drambenburgian companies and senior members of the Drambenburgian government like Chancellor Walde Herzog and Kaiser Wettin were cited as potential lenders.

The president accused the media of bringing up his taxes and "other nonsense with illegally obtained information & only bad intent" in a personal blog post, specifically citing the Tofino Times and the Jade Tribune of invasive journalism. He said he had "paid many hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes" but received tax credits as well. Responding to the accusations of losses, President Moreau added he had "very little debt" compared to the value of his assets.

President Moreau faced legal challenges prior to the presidency for refusing to share documents concerning his fortune and business. He was the first president since President Cassious Castovia in the 1980s not to make his tax returns public, though this is not required by law. The scandal drew comparison to the Delavian Bribery Scandal in which President Zacharias Castovia resigned over implications due to gifts he recieved while visiting a private island of a business associate, Tauren Delavian.

In October 2021, the Senate Committee on Yuaneze Election Interference released the fifth and final volume of its report on Yuaneze meddling in Zamastanian political, business, and cyber circles, which detailed "counterintelligence threats and vulnerabilities." The bipartisan, 966-page report which also saw the backing of months of Zamastanian Intelligence Service investigations, police reports, and internal government probes, went further than Attorney General Katelyn Rasse's earlier report in showing the extent of Yuan's connections to members of the Moreau campaign, and how the Yuaneze government was able to take advantage of the transition team's inexperience to gain access to sensitive information. The report found that the former Moreau campaign aide Robert Berecraft began working on influence operations for the Yuaneze businessman Cao Xuegang and other pro-Yuaneze oligarchs in 2019.

Berecraft hired and worked closely with Yuaneze national Qiao Lan, whom the committee definitively calls a "Yuaneze intelligence officer" that served as a liaison between him and Xuegang. On numerous occasions, Berecraft sought to pass sensitive internal polling data and campaign strategy to Lan. The committee was unable to determine why or what Lan did with that information, in part due to the pair's use of encrypted messaging apps. The committee did, however, obtain "some information" suggesting Lan "may have been connected" to Yuan's hacking and leaking of Speaker Natasha Chastain's emails. The section detailing these findings is largely redacted.

The committee found that then-candidate Moreau and senior campaign officials attempted to obtain advance information about a hacker's release of damaging emails from campaign contributor Allen Write, who they believed had inside information. It also assessed that Moreau spoke with Write about the hack on "multiple occasions," despite the fact that the president said he did not recall doing so in written answers to special counsel Arthur Aubert, who served as President Foley Sakzi's attorney general but has since worked under the Zian 4th district court. The committee also found "significant evidence" to suggest that the hacker, later identified as originating from Yuan, was "knowingly collaborating with Yuaneze government officials." President Xi Jingyi of Yuan long denied that the source of the hacked emails was Yuan.

The committee found that Berecraft had expected to receive "derogatory information on Congresswoman Sabine Armitage" that would benefit the campaign from a person he knew was connected to the Yuaneze government, but that no information was ultimately transmitted. Two participants at the meeting with Berecraft, Cai Wen and Xu Xuefeng, had far more "extensive and concerning" ties to the the Yuaneze government, including to Yuaneze intelligence, than publicly known. The report found that by the end of 2019, Berecraft had “reached out to the Yuaneze government directly to solicit the Yuaneze government's assistance” about soliciting information. Yuan "took advantage" of members of the Moreau campaign team’s "relative inexperience in government, opposition to Sakzi and Bishop administration policies, and Moreau's desire to deepen ties with Yuan to pursue unofficial channels through which Yuan could conduct diplomacy," the committee determined.

Together, the five volumes of the report represent "two years of investigative activity, hundreds of witness interviews and engagements, millions of pages of document review, and open and closed hearings." The committee conducted "follow-up interviews" with Robert Berecraft, Allen White, and State Department official Esdras Hornley — which were necessary after the committee "developed additional information since the initial interview that required clarification from the witnesses." The committee said it was limited in some aspects of its investigation by assertions of executive privilege, including by members of the Moreau team. "The committee was surprised by these assertions because they were made inconsistently and because they have no basis in law," the report claims. Senate Intelligence ranking member Jaime Rollins (GLP - Jade 4): “At nearly 1,000 pages, Volume 5 stands as the most comprehensive examination of ties between Yuan and the 2019-20 Moreau campaign to date – a breathtaking level of contacts between Moreau officials and Yuaneze government operatives that is a very real counterintelligence threat to our elections. ... This cannot happen again."

President Moreau was not suspected of having any direction in what Berecraft or other members of his campaign did in regards to Yuan, and lead investigators seeking prosecution against campaign members maintain that the President, while innocent as per the results of the investigation, acted without attending to authority. "This is seriously a blow to the President, but it won't sink him personally," said Senator Dalton Benton. "On the surface, he did nothing wrong, but his lack of direct oversight to his campaign allowed others under his sphere of influence to do negligent activities."

On August 9th, 2022, Francis Bessette, a prominent lawyer for President Moreau, was questioned for hours by local authorities in Tofino over the ongoing probe into the President's activities surrounding the Barismont scandal. According to prosecutors, Bessette paid a hush money settlement to four aides of then-Governor Moreau and had attempted to blackmail a judge to drop pending charges against other Moreau lawyers, something which the lead prosecutor in Tofino, Curt Marchand, says Moreau personally directed. This would constitute obstruction of justice.

"These are serious charges which we have evidence to prove, and we want to give mister Bessette every chance possible to speak for himself before we announce formal charges into obstruction of justice and witness intimidation," said Marchand. "The question isn't whether or not Mr. Bessette did these things. It's whether or not he did them on the direct order of the President while he was Governor, and then subsequently while he was initially investigated at the beginning of this process."

"I never instructed my lawyers, whether it was Mr. Bessette or Mr. Berecraft, to do anything amounting to obstruction of justice during the course of this investigation or at any point during my Presidency or governorship," President Moreau said. "The assumption made by the District Attorney today that I somehow meddled in the judicial system is insulting and I vehemently deny all charges and accusations. Previous inquires have proven my innocence previously and they will continue to do so."

Kristina Leach

On January 29th, 2022, the tabloid ZamDaily published an article the accusations of a former Moreau staffer, 32-year old Kristina Leach, who said that she and Moreau had multiple "romantic encounters" from October to November of 2020. She claimed that Moreau requested that she step away from her post after she threatened to tell the First Lady about the affair. When Leach refused to resign, she was reportedly fired by then-Chief of Staff Josephine Champernon (who resigned on December 19th, 2021) who threatened Leach with a non-disclosure agreement and a criminal charge for 'attempting to influence or blackmail a politician'. Leach provided "ZamDaily" with multiple images, including a selfie that showed an embrace between Leach and Moreau, and another where Leach is kissing Moreau's cheek.

On February 10th, 2022, Moreau publicly confessed that he had "not been monogamous" and had a consensual relationship with Leach. In his statements, the president said that he had told his wife, First Lady Dr. Sophie Moreau, about the affair in January of 2021, and that the relationship had ended. The president and the First Lady had attended couple's therapy in early 2021 in the aftermath of the affair, and it was agreed between them to set aside the events in order to maintain their marriage and public image. First Lady Sophie Moreau was next to the president during his statements, visibly holding his hand.

Moreau stated; "I was not faithful to my wife, and it was damaging. I apologized at the time to my wife, and I hold the shame of my mistake everyday. The First Lady and I have come to our arraingments and have set aside the issue, and we are continuing in our marriage and life together. I love my wife tremendously, and she has been beyond gracious to me in her forgiveness. She is the most remarkable woman in my life, and her forgiveness was not something I deserved. This affair occured more than 16 months ago, and my wife and I have made ammends. I am continuing to work on myself as a person, and I am fully committed to continuing my presidency unabrupted."

Foreign Affairs


West Chanchajilla

See also: 2021 Chanchajilla War

In 2021, in response to dozens of arrests of West Chanchajillan diplomats abroad, Frederick Armbar initiated a series of terrorist attacks in East Chanchajilla, including an attack in Meguén that killed 76 people[2] and an attack in Vilanja that killed 21[3]. On February 23rd, the West Chanchajillan military launched a series of missile attacks across the Northwestern provinces in the cities of Turania, Nortagate, and Vilanja that killed 542 people and injured thousands. [4] President Boer put the nation's military on high alert and undertook retaliatory airstrikes.[5] The airstrikes soon progressed into a ground offensive, with East Chanchajillan forces advancing beyond the border and capturing the city of Omi within days[6].

Zamastan, who had intercepted and shot down dozens of West Chanchajillan missiles on February 23rd, resolved to help Eastern forces by conducting airstrikes on March 1st[7], a campaign which would last for the remainder of the conflict. Eastern officials stated on numerous occasions that the inclusion of Zamastanian air superiority resulted directly to the speed at which Eastern forces advanced throughout the country. Despite being stalled after capturing Omi[8], Eastern forces managed to break the resistance and force the Western forces into a strategic retreat to the capital of Ivora. On March 16th, the cities of Vicalvi, Anamosori, and Treviso were captured[9], as was the nuclear facility in Treviso. The fall of these cities, in addition to the capture of Accadia two days later, meant the capital of Ivora was surrounded completely.

On March 22nd, 2021, Parabocan forces joined the conflict following a treaty signed between President Garr'n Cardoza and President Boer[10]. The offensive now targeted Ivora, with the intention to capture the city, locate and capture Frederick Armbar, and overthrow the government and military rule. On March 24th, Presidents Boer, Cardoza, and Atticus Moreau met in Vilanja[11] to discuss establishing a new tri-national run interim government following the inevitable capture of the city. However, fighting lasted longer and became more brutal than anticipated in Ivora, with the seige lasting over a month. Armbar was killed on April 9th in a firefight, and Ivora fell on April 17th. On May 1st, major combat operations ended[12] and became relegated to peacekeeping and moderating pockets of resistance.

The war resulted in the end of the tyrannical socialist rule in West Chanchajilla, with Frederick Armbar and his loyalists being pushed out of political power. The East Chanchajillan, Parabocan, Zamastanian, and Janapan governments helped organize a national referendum for a new National Assembly on August 4th, 2021, the first free elections that West Chanchajilla had ever experienced[13]. Juan Diego Barrios was elected Prime Minister, and quickly West Chanchajilla and Zamastan began normalizing relations.


South Adula

Southern Adula became a focal point of Zamastanian foreign policy during Moreau's administration. On November 25th, 2020, Zamastan's key regional ally Albarine was at the center of the Tarijar Strait Crisis, which arose after Drambenburg was granted access to build military bases in Buckingla and Zalluabed. Against the move, which Albarine saw as an affront to the safety of international shipping in the waterway (which was required for Drambenburgian naval warships to traverse to Buckingla), Albarine condemned all three nations with the backing of Emmiria. Zalluabed, who was embroiled in the ongoing Hisrea War, in response to Albarine closed their embassy and consulate in Saint Raneau and sent a naval detachment to the outskirts of Albarine territorial waters as a show of force. Zamastan, historically against Drambenburgian foreign endeavors and militarization, condemned the escalating tensions, but Moreau was criticized for taking nearly 5 days to make an official statement, in which time multiple freighter ships were seized by the Royal Zalluabed Navy. A month following the initial incident, a Drambenburgian fighter jet was shot down over the Emmiria Sea under mysterious circumstances. Drambenburg once again plunged the region into crisis by sending a 50,000-man deployment to Leonrau, Qolaysia, at the requests of the country's military officials but against the requests of President Abiel Kennard, who called the manuever a "coup". Nearly every member in the Coalition of Crown Albatross, including Drambenburg-ally Beleroskov, Yuan, and the organizations of WEDA and CAMDA, denounced Drambenburg.

Tensions in Southern Adula continued into the next year when on January 12th, 2021, Prime Minister Benjamin Warren of Alecburgh and their military threatened Saint Croix and Bens, putting extreme tension on the 2021 Tregueux Leaders Summit which took place one day later. During the Summit, the government of the Tervali Islands was overthrown in a coup, causing even more diplomatic chaos. The tensions in South Adula flucuated numerous times from periods of optimism towards an end of conflicts as seen with the ceasing of hostilities in the end of the decade-long Togana War, to points of incredible worry of more internationally invested war as the Cambrian revolution began in Alecburgh.

Furthermore, when the Hisrea War escalated in intensity and a Zalluabedi fighter jet accidentally fired on a Zamastanian naval vessel, the ZMS Monserrati, killing 21 sailors and drawing heavy scrutiny from the international community on July 15th, there was talk in the Moreau administration of becoming involved militarily. On July 20th, the city of Huad fell to government forces, but President al-Akhtar admitted that thousands of civilians had died in collateral damage during the week-long battle. From there, the conflict stagnated until August 8th, when President Aneya Raso of Timeria introduced peace negotiations for the government and insurgent forces. On August 13th, 2021, the conflict officially ended with the signing of the Osea Accords, which granted a power-sharing agreement where the HPLF would administer Hisrea province, the Zalluabed government and the TTPA would withdraw its forces, and the stipulation of continued diplomacy would be established. The situation continued to be tense, however, as on August 19th several ZNN reporters were taken hostage by the HPLF. The reporters were rescued in a covert raid by Zamastanian special forces on August 22nd, for which Moreau was widely commended.

On January 3rd, 2022, insurgents connected to the al-Fijar aligned Lundia Defense Forces attacked the embassies of Zamastan, Caspiaa, and Unified Sera in the Apatonian capital of Sifondo. One Zamastanian marine was killed and dozens of staffers were injured. Moreau ordered the closure of the embassy and the recalling of diplomatic staff, as the civil war in the country was escalating. Eventually, the country's prime minister Michel Lukonde overthrew the Apatonian president Mlamuli Ngotsha, and Unified Sera invaded Apatonia to quell the violence. On February 8th, 2022, a Zamastanian special operations team killed Ghassaan el-Moghaddam, the leader of the LDF, in Wabi, Apatonia.


Atticus Moreau and Xi Jingyi meet on April 1st in Shanghan, Yuan for the Xiannen Forum for Ausiana Annual Conference 2021

Upon assuming office, Moreau secured the release of Cairo Gough and several journalists following a prolonged detention by Yuan. Many saw this as a sign of better relations to come, but during Moreau's administration, tensions with Yuan increased dramatically on a diplomatic level while economic ties continued to strengthen regardless. The State Department of Zamastan labeled oppression and intervention in Pangchu and Dasmistan by Yuan as destructive, as well as labeling their detention camps of Pangchu Muslim minorities as "blatent human rights abuses". Yuan's foreign ministry sanctioned the chair and vice-chair of the Zamastanian government’s Advisory Commission on International Religious Freedom (ZCIRF), Matt Reiner and Valorie Besaja.

On April 1st, 2021, Atticus Moreau met with Yuaneze President Xi Jingyi in Shanghan, Yuan[14]. Moreau expressed that the visit to Yuan reminded him of the history of the establishment of bilateral diplomatic relationship facilitated by his predecessors. Speaking highly of the significant achievements Yuan has made for the past decades, he stated that he was "glad to see the continued development of its relations with Yuan in various areas including economy, trade, people-to-people and cultural exchanges." Moreau then sent shockwaves through the international community by leaving the conference and traveling to Pangchu, where he met with Prime Minister Mao Hanying[15]. Moreau left several members of his delegation in Xiannen to continue attending the summit, including Secretary of State Jessiah Vallotis and Secretary of Commerce Remi Loup. "I can commit the resources of Zamastan to the Pangchu cause effectively today," Moreau said while in Pangchu, with Prime Minister Mao at his side in Shingzhan. "Yuan likes to bully. I'm not afraid to say that, and other countries shouldn't be afraid to say that either."

The Yuaneze government released a statement upon Moreau's unannounced departure from the Xiannen Summit, stating "we are severely disappointed in Mr. Moreau's conduct and his blatant disregard for formality in this conference, which is meant to show unity amongst countries despite differences. This is a major blow to the diplomatic relations of Yuan and Zamastan, and there will certainly be reprecussions."

Moreau repeatedly denounced the Global Economic Cooperation Initiative, Yuan's international infrastructure investment program which Moreau called an "attempt to take over influence in vulnurable countries." Moreau stated that the GECI was attempting to counter the Coalition Trade Organization, C21, and other regional organizations like TAFCA and the TTPA. In response, Moreau's administration and Congressional Hall introduced the Trade and Infrastructure Development Initiative (TIDI) to create a wider option for developing nations to sign onto instead of giving influence to Yuan. Much of this decision was rushed by Yuan's call to end the lease on Gangkou[16] by 2025, far ahead of the 2015 deadline stipulated by the 1905 Treaty of Taiking.

In May 2022, Yuan and Zamastan came dangerously close to an armed conflict when the Jinchon Sea crisis was escalated with the sinking of the Huangshan by the Zamastanian navy during a massive SCA military drill. Yuan carried out a string of deadly attacks on civilian ships and a Kalean naval vessel, killing over 200 sailors. On May 19th, AeroParaboca Flight 8 was shot down over the Sancheon Gulf. In response to the escalation, Secretary of State Brecken Gray was sent to Lalkot, Haduastan, to meet with Foreign Minister Mao Xieren and negotiate an end to the crisis. Both sides agreed to scale back their military exercises in the region, Moreau and Xi agreed to meet for a summit, but the heightened tensions continued throughout the remainder of President Moreau's administration.

After a series of escalating tensions with Tasiastan, the Yuaneze government decided to remove Xi Jingyi from power and replace him with Qin Chen. Moreau and his government welcomed the administrative change and publicly expressed hope that Qin would recognize Gangkou as Zamastanian territory.



In one of his first acts as President, Moreau met with Western Euronia Defense Alliance leaders in private on September 25th in Vongane, Quetana, for his first foreign trip to discuss possible intervention covertly to support the rebels, trying to avoid the overt risk of drawing an expanded conflict into Syraranto while also stopping any possible humanitarian disaster from evolving out of control. President Callum MacTavish of Ruskayn had urged Moreau to assemble routine relief supply missions to Syraranto to be airdropped into heavily affected rebel areas. Moreau and Secretary Vallotis arranged a meeting with North Icadanian Chancellor Gianni Roussilis and Vuswistani President Panagiotakis Nicolalis to use their airspace to fly sorties into Syraranto. From September 30th to October 6th, Zamastanian crews aboard Vuswistani planes flew over Syraranto from North Icadania and dropped over 400,000 tons of supplies; mostly food and medical, into Western Syraranto.

On October 10th, 2020, Defense Secretary Camille Boffrand was the target of a Kyriakos Tasoulas-sponsored assassination attempt while traveling in Vilanja, East Chanchajilla, leading to Moreau and his administration agreeing to station the 2nd Fleet to the Sotoa Sea as a warning to the Tasoulas regime and Epsilonian forces. While the conflict largely stalled in early 2021 and the peacetalks in Tyrnatini resulted in a subsiding of clashes, the Moreau administration continued to exercise strict sanctions and blocks against Tasoulas after their September 15th, 2021 nuclear weapons test.[17] Moreau reaffirmed that the Zamastanian military and WEDA would support and defend the Sotoan Basin Union if Syraranto provoked an attack against SBU members.

On January 27th, 2022, Tasoulas' forces carried out a series of rocket attacks against Constantio and North Icadanian cities, including Apelnisse, Norasa, and Marsari, killing 142 people. Keeping to the pledge made, a larger contingent of Zamastanian and WEDA forces moved into the region to provide defensive capabilities for the SBU. By February, Constantio had begun retaliatory airstrikes against Syrarantoan forces near Tirikan and Zamastanian forces were providing training to Artaskan and Beatavician troops. Moreau never publicly stated whether Zamastanian troops would be directly involved in combat operations, but promised that the SBU would be defended if Syraranto launched a ground incursion.


At the September 25th WEDA conference, Moreau and the allied leaders discussed the ongoing threats from the terrorist group Al-Fijar, which days before the 2020 election had bombed Air Andaluni Flight 553, killing 178 people, and attempted to blow up a Durnstaal plane and a popular tourist spot in Viitaniemi, Caspia. Moreau instructed Zamastanian Intelligence Service director Kirk Faulkman to investigate and hunt down any suspected terrorists in as much secrecy as possible, working in tandem with the Central Intelligence Bureau of Durnstaal. On September 29th, Al-Fijar leader Mukhtar Babu Ubair was killed in an airstrike by a Z-14 Osprey in Haruya, Jaginistan. On October 4th, 2020, Isaam al-Koroma detonated a suicide car bomb at a popular shopping intersection in Kingston Neigborhood, Tofino, killing 13 people and injuring hundreds in the blast and subsequent building collapses as retaliation for the killing of Babu Ubair.

After the 2021 Saint Raneau airport bombing in Albarine on August 26th, 2021, Moreau authorized the ZIS to work in conjunction with the AIA to locate the perpetrators, deemed to be members of the Hisrea People's Liberation Front. However, the Barona Mall bombing on September 2nd, 2021 invigorated a whole new round of intensified intelligence operations against international terrorism as al-Fijar launched multiple simultaneous attacks in Kuye, Bennom, and Mai.

On January 3rd, 2022, insurgents connected to the al-Fijar aligned Lundia Defense Forces attacked the embassies of Zamastan, Caspiaa, and Unified Sera in the Apatonian capital of Sifondo. One Zamastanian marine was killed and dozens of staffers were injured. Moreau ordered the closure of the embassy and the recalling of diplomatic staff, as the civil war in the country was escalating. Eventually, the country's prime minister Michel Lukonde overthrew the Apatonian president Mlamuli Ngotsha, and Unified Sera invaded Apatonia to quell the violence. On February 8th, 2022, a Zamastanian special operations team killed Ghassaan el-Moghaddam, the leader of the LDF, in Wabi, Apatonia.

List of international trips

Dates Country Locations Details
1 September 25-27, 2020 Quetana Vongane, Albate, Ledua Met with WEDA leadership to discuss international counter-terrorism operations, the approach to the civil war in Syraranto, and the planned downsizing of Zamastan's foreign troop deployment.
2 November 15-16, 2020 Avergnon Vessalia, Selleaux Met with President Franz Selleaux, discussed diplomatic ties and economic incentives, and commemorated the 70-year anniversary of the start of the Aveirs Genocide by laying a wreath at the Wacee Memorial in Aveirs.
3 March 20, 2021 Albarine Saint Raneau Met with Chancellor Sadie Melhaven and WEDA allies after admitting Sulifa and Andaluni into the organization.
4 March 24, 2021 East Chanchajilla Vilanja Met with President Gideon Boer and President Garr'n Cardoza to discuss military operations and future democratic elections in West Chanchajilla.
5 April 1-2, 2021 Yuan Shanghan, Xiannen Met with President Xi Jingyi and attended the Xiannen Forum for Ausiana Annual Conference 2021. Moreau and Secretary of State Jessiah Vallotis secured the release of two Zamastanian and three Austrolisian journalists during the trip. Moreau took part in a town-hall style meeting with Yuaneze students, addressing a range of issues such as internet censorship and the status of Gangkou.
6 April 3, 2021 Pangchu Shingzhan Moreau, unannounced, left the Xiannen Forum and traveled to Pangchu. Met with Prime Minister Mao Hanying in the first state visit by a Zamastanian head of state to Pangchu. This visit was widely seen as a publicity stunt and snub to Yuan, whose government does not recognize Pangchu's and is widely believed to be interfering in their democratic processes.
7 June 7, 2021 Qolaysia Leonrau Met with President Abiel Kennard. The two heads of state officially discussed further economic cooperation in the form of off-shore drilling leases for Zamastanian oil companies.
8 August 22-23, 2021 Kossmil Dabatta Met with President Nikolai Cherdenko in the first state visit by a Zamastanian head of state to Kossmil. The trip was also made to mark the significance of Zamastanian ties to Kossmil through involvement in the Kossmilian Wars and to pay tribute to late-President Mikhail Kuznetsov.
9 August 24, 2021 Jyau Gutaai Met with Chancellor Matthias Cerfbeer, continued talks for possible WEDA membership alongside Secretary General of WEDA Damian Levasseur.
10 August 25-26, 2021 New Elkland Courbagne Met with President Lionel Pieters and attended a summit to meet Prime Minister Juan Diego Barrios of West Chanchajilla. President Moreau also attended the funeral of former New Elkland president Albert Pieters.
11 August 27-28, 2021 Alcarres Ieraskevi Met with President Akkin Gunaydin. The two leaders signed the Ieraskevi-Tofino Agreement and agreed to a military contract with Toring Industries for new Z-17 Condor fighter jets.
12 August 29, 2021 Ossinia Périnnois Met with President Nolan Riveau. Addressed CCA peacekeepers, held a town hall for Ossinian youth, and delivered a speech remarking the anniversary of the end of military operations, the fall of Martin Saint-Yves's regime, and the Ossinian constitution.
13 September 28, 2021 Paraboca Cardoza Met with President Oriol Miguélez and commemorated the Parabocan forces who participated in the coalition military operations against West Chanchajilla earlier in the year.[18]
14 October 6, 2021 North Kandson Osmino, Esaset Met with President Perie Jefferson and spoke with Zamastanian Air Force personnel at ZAFB Cain in Osmino.
15 October 7, 2021 Tunio Tiraville Met with President Matthew Recoss, discussed TIDI progress in Northeast Euronia, and pledged greater diplomatic cooperation.
16 October 8, 2021 Drezquenia Przemków Met with President Elias Zacpal in Przemków and discussed the newly created NECTO agreement.
17 October 8-10, 2021 Drambenburg Lerbin Met with Chancellor Walde Herzog in Lerbin to discuss an array of issues including tensions between WEDA and TTPA, al-Fijar threats, and work towards more normalization in Drambenburgian-Zamastanian relations.
18 November 2, 2021 Haduastan Lalkot, Dokata Met with Prime Minister Sartaj Bali for the Dokata Nuclear Safety Summit and to discuss joint-military exercises.
19 November 10-12, 2021 Kuresa Charnesse Attended the Charnesse Climate Conference and met with President Budai Szilveszter regarding WEDA military drills.
20 November 12-14, 2021 Besmenia Freiz Attended the C21 Summit with heads of state of the C21 nations to discuss economic policy. Moreau also met with PM Tullia Grönberg of Caspiaa, PM Gabriel Leitner of Shoassau, and President William Urskabau of the SCB. It also marked his first meeting with newly-elected President Emília Medeiros of Quetana.
21 November 15, 2021 Constantio Norasa Met with President Tony Blanian to discuss joint-military protection over the threat of nuclear testing by Kyriakos Tasoulas and the migrant crisis caused by the civil war in Syraranto.
22 November 16, 2021 Artaska Coplesti Met with President Emin Bisliev to discuss trade and cultural exchanges, as well as observer status for the Sotoan Basin Union.
23 November 17, 2021 Beatavic Gran Telea, Amstelvoort Toured damage in Gran Telea from the earthquake and tsunami, met with Prime Minister Marlijn Zallandt in Amstelvoort and discussed TIDI progress in Western Nortua, and pledged greater diplomatic cooperation.
24 December 8, 2021 Shoassau Staventer, Alsace Met with Prime Minister Gabriel Leitner to discuss trade and cultural exchanges, expand on Shoassau and Lutharia's possible membersip in the Western Euronia Defense Alliance, to meet with the Young Future Leaders Summit (YFLS), and deliver an address to Shoassau's Parliament.
25 December 10, 2021 Kyti Kasema, Rakohovo Attended several events during the Winter Olympics in Kasema and met with Prime Minister Arne Henningsen.
26 January 10-12, 2022 Shoassau Staventer, Alsace Attended the 2022 Leaders Summit.
27 March 1, 2022 Caspiaa Viitaniemi Attended a summit between WEDA and TTPA officials.
28 March 20-21, 2022 Tasiastan Jaljur Met with President Haajid Swati to discuss relations between the two countries, including additional humanitarian recovery funds for the 2021 flood damage.
29 March 21, 2022 Jaginistan Kibul, Haruya Met with President Talaal al-Ayub to reach agreements on more security funding. Moreau also met with Zamastanian Army and CCA peacekeeping soldiers in Haruya.
30 March 22, 2022 Pekastan Uliaabi Met with President Turki el-Irani.
31 March 23, 2022 Elastan Eritba Met with President Bahadar Panwar. It was the first time a Zamastanian president had visited the country.
32 March 24, 2022 Barangadesh Daccas Met with President Abdul Sheihk Mahmed. It was the first time a Zamastanian president visited the country since Elene Abotsford in 1976.
33 March 25, 2022 Haduastan Lalkot Met with Prime Minister Sartaj Bali to discuss increased economic cooperation and loans to the Coalition Trade Organization and Central Ausiana Bank.
34 April 6, 2022 Unified Sera Kito'Bahari Met with Seran officials, including King Skolas Tu'Aruc, to discuss diplomatic relationship and military operations in Apatonia and war crimes investigations into Michel Lukonde. Moreau also paid a visit to Prime Minister Akan Khalfani, who was recovering in a hospital after an assassination attempt.
35 May 15, 2022 Sulifa Sulifa City Attended the Sulifa-Internationl (SI) Summit, met with Prime Minister Mohammed bin Farhan and King Talha I, and committed to a clean-energy initiative with Sulifa.
36 May 22, 2022 Alecburgh Kynnport Met with President Xi Jingyi of Yuan to discuss agreements to quell the Jinchon Sea crisis.
37 May 30, 2022 Elbresia Allengin, Oftbon Met with President Gilles Martin, addressed both the Elbresian Parliament and the Nortuan Congress, and met with government officials to discuss a referendum about membership in the Alliance of Nortuan States.
38 August 2, 2022 Qolaysia Leonrau Attended the funeral of Nizaam bin Aayid.

Reelection campaign

On September 26th, 2020, Moreau revealed to his closest aides that he was intending to seek a second-term in the 2022 Zamastan presidential election. However, following the secession of Auraine, Mayotte, and Alutiana, Moreau began to debate internally whether he would seek a second term. He publicly announced his reelection campaign on September 7th, 2021. While his approval ratings continued to decline through the end of 2021 and into 2022 due to scandals, the revelation of his affair with Kristina Leach pushed him to drop out of the race on February 10th, 2022.


Personal Life

Moreau and his family while he was Governor of Alutia.

Atticus Moreau married Paige Galmoore, a woman he met while at Brebeunne College, but they divorced in 2000. In 2003, Atticus remarried to Sophie Ategi, and the couple has two children; Preston (born 2006) and Alicia (born 2008).