Association football in Astyria

Astyrian International
Football Association
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Logo of AIFA
Founded atScottopia City, Scottopia
TypeSports federation
Legal statusGoverning body of association football
PurposeSport governance
HeadquartersScottopia City, Scottopia
Region served
81 national associations
Official languages
Duder Dudrich
Senior Vice-President
Dudre Dude'em
Main organ

The Astyrian International Football Association (AIFA) is the highest governing body of football within the region of Astyria. It oversees 3 major tournaments and multiple domestic leagues across all continents.

Establishment & History

The AIFA was created in 1965 between the associations of Aswick, Aquitayne, Exponential Empire (now the Blackhelm Confederacy), Cadenz, Monsa, Scottopian Isles, Valkea, Valle de San Joaquin & Zitru who wished to forge a sole unified body for to oversee the future direction of the sport within the region. A main goal they aimed to produce was the creation of a tournament between the members of the organization in the following year, dubbed the Astyrian Cup of Nations, in which other nations with progressive domestic leagues were invited to participate with them. The invitees were Bankampar, Costa de Ouro, Equinoxiale, Great Nortend, Ionicus, Morroseta, Nute Apaghapi, Nynorsk Ostlijord, Ord Caprica, Riysa & Romberg.

Major AIFA Competitions

Astyrian Cup of Nations

Astyrian League of Nations & Challenge Cups

Champions League

AstyCup Results by Year

1966 Example Example Example Example Example
1970 Example Example Example Example Example
1974 Example Example Example Example Example
1978 Example Example Example Example Example
1982  Cadenza Example Example Example Example
1986  Valkea Example Example Example Example
1990 Example Example Example Example Example
1994 Example Example Example Example Example
1998 Example Example Example Example Example
2000 Example Example Example Example Example
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2014 Example Example Example Example Example
2016  Zitru  Zitru  Cadenza Template:Country data Equinoxiale  Nikolia
2017  Scottopian Isles  Cadenza  Riysa  Scottopian Isles  Blackhelm Confederacy
2018  Nidwalden and  Noordenstaat  Nynorsk Ostlijord  Cadenza  Scottopian Isles  Riysa
2019  Aswick and  Aquitayne  Riysa  Cadenza  Nynorsk Ostlijord  Nikolia
2020  Blackhelm Confederacy and  Polarus  Scottopian Isles  Aswick  Cadenza  Nynorsk Ostlijord

League of Nations by Year

2018  Aquitayne  Bungussi Khayr Var Osaka
2019  Aquitayne Valle de San Joaquin Sycoon Equinoxiale
2020  Nynorsk Ostlijord Hindia Belanda Khayr Var Fyngaria

Champions League by Year

2016 Fortaleza (CDO) Port-Au-Prosperite Pirates (CDC) Cuidad de Fresno (SJQ) Jandara Jinn (PLR)

Current Rankings (As of June 2021)


Member Associations Domestic Leagues

Asociacion Monsa de Fútbol

Aswick Premier League

Bankampar Football Association

Cadenzan Football Association

Caprican Soccer League

Football Association of Aquitayne

Football Association of Valkea

Federation Equinoxiale

Federation of Riysan Football

Sloverti Football Federation

Great Nortend Association Football League

The Great Nortend Association Football League (AFL) is the national league and administrative body for association football in Great Nortend. Association football is the third-most popular team sport in Great Nortend, after stinning and cricket.

Hesperidesian Soccer League

Ionicus Football League

La Liga de San Joaquin

PRIMERA: Club Zendejas, Sur Yerba Buena, FC Fresno, Campo Bakersfield, FC Yerba Buena, Enviar, Unidos Modesto, Club Tjsirelas, Republica Visalia, FC San Gabriel, Santos Andreas, Cuidad de Fresno, Deportivo Stockton, Real Oso Pardo, CF Modelo, Unidos Alameda

SEGUNDA:Atletico Stanislaus, San Lorenzo, CF Correndores, Tassajara FC, Quemadores, Selecao Azurio, FC Rojas Stockton, Las Calfornias Cougars, Unidos Verdes, Atletico Altamont, FC Tormenta, Los Jueces, Real Ayudantes, Sierra Nevadas, Club Contra Costa

National Soccer League of Zitru

Nute Apaghapi Premiership

TIER I TEAMS: Mixli FC, Arveladze Armada, Quimsay, Aluko Arroheads, Latif Lions, Cayenali Chiefs, Jelavic FC, Rozental Raiders, Saqui United, Aputsiq FC, Arveladze FC, Nauvoo City, Cabarisic FC, Hikaluk Warhawks, Goian FC, Vidmar Vipers

TIER II TEAMS: Nauvoo 1896, Hikaluk Hornets, Bocanegra*, Zalukas United, Aputsiq United, Nayeli Athletical, Tiriaqu FC, Rozental United, Vidmar Vice, Bougherra Buffaloes, Cayenali Athletical, Mohsni Mutiny, Tiriaqu Triumph, Ujarak United, Saqui Serpents, Gascoigne

Rombergian Football League

Scottopian Isles Football Association

SIFA Crest.png

The Scottopian Isles Football Association(SIFA) is the governing body of association football within the Royal Commonwealth which wields ultimate responsibility for the control and development of the sport in the nation. Established in 1923 as the Scottopian Football Organization, its members include all clubs, affiliated partners & programs. The organizations directors report to the Ministry of Athletics. SIFA was a founding member of the Astyrian International Football Association(AIFA) in 1965, where they invited other Astyrian nations to create a sole unified body which is responsible for the laws of the game for the region. To this day they preside as 1 of 9 permanent board members. SIFA's headquarters are within the confines of the national stadium, referred to as ScotStad, in downtown Scottopia City. In addition to the offices & grounds, a top of the class training facility and the organizations heritage museum are also located on the property.

The main responsibilities of SIFA is the operation of the annual league structure, organizing both domestic tournaments known as the Commonwealth Cup & Monarchs Cup, as well as overseeing a national team to represent the country at the international level. Several other duties important to the functioning of the game, such as the Under-21, Under-19 and Under-17 levels & youth programs for both Men & Women are also tasked to SIFA. The association has affiliated itself in sponsoring the Amateur Football Union & the Ministry of Education; Academical Athletic Program.

The professional competition of the nation includes 48 club teams in 3 tiers, known as the Premiership, First Division & Second Division respectfully. All leagues apply to all rules set down by the AIFA, which are played on a point system; 3 Points for a Win, 1 Point for a Draw, 0 Points for a Loss. Placements are decided upon points. If teams are tied on points, they shall go to Goal Difference. If the 2 teams in question happen to have the same Goal Difference, it will be decided upon Goals Scored. In the unlikely event they are still tied, the record between the teams will be the determining factor. All divisions feature 16 teams, who play each other twice, once at home and once away, for a total of 30 games in a season with a total of 90 available points.

The Commonwealth Cup & Monarchs Cup are domestic tournaments taken place during the regular season. The Commonwealth Cup consists of 6 Rounds, takes place from September to January and is open to all SIFA clubs. It begins with teams in the First & Second Divisions, who are randomly drawn to play for 16 positions, in which they will then be drawn along side teams from the Premiership in the 2nd Round of the contest. Games will continue as single game elimination until a winner emerges. The Monarchs Cup however, is only open to the top flight teams in the Premiership, who again play single game elimination until a champion is crowned after 4 Rounds from March to May. All finals take place at the ScotStad.

At the completion of the regular season, the Scottopian Isles Premier League and the First and Second Divisions integrate with a Promotion/Relegation system. The 1st, 2nd & 3rd placed teams of the lower tiered division will be promoted to the higher tiered league where as the 14th, 15th & 16th placed teams will be relegated to the lower tiered league. This function ensures fresh competition for the upcoming season.Title Winners of the Premiership gain seeded entry into the AIFA Champions League while the winner of the Monarchs Cup also gains entry to the Champions League as an unseeded team. Champions of the Commonwealth Cup enters the Champions League qualifiers. Additionally, clubs can receive symbolic trophies: The Golden Boot for most goals scored for, the Golden Glove for permitting the least amount scored against them & the Supporters Shield is awarded to the team with the most wins during the season.

The current champions from the respected leagues & cup competitions for the 2018-2019 season are:

PREMIERSHIP Rangers FC New Greenock United Mackenzie City
FIRST DIVISION Kilknockie FC Cappielow Cyclones Halekauwila Place
SECOND DIVISION Serena United Club Caledonia West Strathclyde FC
COMMONWEALTH CUP Port Elisabeth Rangers FC Morton FC
MONARCHS CUP New Greenock FC Real Junipero Serra New Greenock United
Kilnockie FC Cappielow Cyclones Kilncokie FC

Urvalsdeild Nynorsk Ostlijord

URVALSDEILD.1 TEAMS: Kontermann FK, Magnusson Mammoths, Svartur FK, SK Mols, SK Bjorklund, FK Thern, Eldfjall IFK, Vasterplatte Vikings, Niemi, SK Raudur, Lovenkrands IFK, Huistra IFK, FK Vasterplatte, Gretarsson, Huitur Hakarlar SK

URVALSDEILD.2 TEAMS: Bamserne FK, Nottuglur, Laudrup, Albertz BL, Verkalydsfelag, Magnusson SK, FK Numan, Graenngular IFK, Snjoketti, AFK Hermadur, Isjakanum FK, Blar BL, FK Dyrid, Vasterplatte SK, Nynorsk Narwhals, Bronkhorst SK

Prvá Divízia (First Division Slovertia)

Prvá divízia Teams FK Brativas, Severné Kojbakvy FK, Južné Kojbakvy FK, Piękno północy, Drastí FK, Unié Ziprata, Uzní AFK, FK Severska, Balgra FK, Lovía FK.