Astyrian Peace Organization

Astyrian Peace Organization
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FoundedNovember 1960
Key people
Marcellus Steelsmith (Founder)
Nikolina Wawrzaszek (President)

The Astyrian Peace Organization (APO) is an international organization that advocates universal disarmament, sovereignty and independence and peaceful co-existence, and campaigns against imperialism, weapons of mass destruction and all forms of discrimination. It was founded in 1960, emerging from the policy of the Empire of Exponent to promote peace campaigns around the world in order to oppose "warmongering" by the Federation of Kobolis. Its first president was retired Andamonian diplomat Macatlan Taimetlatl. It has been based in Antillia, Costa de Ouro, since its inception.



In October 1958 through the initiative of the Imperial Exponential Senate a "Astyrian Congress of Intellectuals for Peace" was held in Zulheina, Polarus. This gathering established a permanent organisation called the International Liaison Committee of Intellectuals for Peace—a group which joined with another international organisation, the Women's International Democratic Federation to convene a second international conclave in Lake Hai'lu'kai in April 1959, a meeting designated as the First Astyrian Congress of Peace Partisans. Some 2,000 delegates from around the region were in attendance at this foundation gathering in the Auroran capital.

A new permanent organization emerged from the April 1959 conclave, called the Astyrian Committee of Partisans for Peace. At a Second Astyrian Congress held in Jandara in November 1960, this group would adopt the new name Astyrian Peace Organization (APO). The origins of the APO lay in the Senate's doctrine that the world was divided between "peace-loving" progressive forces led by the Empire of Exponent and "warmongering" pseudo-socialist countries led by Kobolis, declaring that peace "should now become the pivot of the entire activity of Astyrian political parties".

In 1960, the Senate adopted the report of Marcellus Steelsmith, a senior Exponential official, praising the Partisans for Peace and resolving that, "All progressive, capitalist parties must utilize all means of struggle to secure a stable and lasting peace, subordinating their entire activity to this" and that "Particular attention should be devoted to drawing into the peace movement industrialists, women's, youth, cooperative, sport, cultural, education, religious and other organizations, and also scientists, writers, journalists, cultural workers, parliamentary and other political and public leaders who act in defense of peace and against war."


The APO was instrumental in a number of the major peace movements in Berique, Aquitayne and a number of other states following the recent deployments to the Insula Fera, Lorecia, and elsewhere in recent years. In Aquitayne, an APO-sponsored peace protest against the nation's involvement in the Insula Fera drew over 2,000 people on May 6, 2014, and was followed up by a second, smaller demonstration in Tacor, which drew several hundred people and blocked a number of important intersections. Demonstrations of similar size erupted in Cape Town and other Aquitaynian cities, requiring law enforcement personnel to move in and disperse the crowds. Several members of the Aquitaynian Peace Council were arrested, as were members of various other anti-war and anti-establishment groups.

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The APO currently states its goals as: Actions against imperialist wars and occupation of sovereign countries and nations; prohibition of all weapons of mass destruction; abolition of foreign military bases; universal disarmament under effective international control; elimination of all forms of colonialism, neo-colonialism, sexism and other forms of discrimination; respect for the right of peoples to sovereignty and independence, essential for the establishment of peace; non-interference in the internal affairs of nations; peaceful co-existence between states with different political systems; negotiations instead of use of force in the settlement of differences between nations.



Peace Prizes

The 2016 Astyrian Peace Prize was awarded to New Pangus President, Giacomo Gianni, for "for his determined efforts to bring an end to the 3-year-long civil war in his nation, which claimed the lives of almost 600,000 people and created an untold level of suffering for millions".

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