Aurean Forum

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Aurean Forum
for Peace and Cooperation
  • Emessan:Foru oreu pro sa paghe e sa coperatziòne
    Etrurian:Foro aureo per la pace e la cooperazione
    Gaullican:Forum auréen pour la paix et la coopération
    Luzelese:Fórum aureano pela paz e cooperação
    Montecaran:Fòro aureò per il pàx eia coperaxòn
    Rahelian:المنتدى هالة من أجل السلام والتعاون
Logo of the Aurean Forum
Logo of the Aurean Forum
Flag of the Aurean Forum
Flag of the Aurean Forum
MottoMare Nostrum
(Solarian, "Our sea")
FormationApril 11, 1947; 77 years ago (1947-04-11)
PurposeTo promote cooperation and peace among the nations of the Aurean Straits
Euclea and Coius
Secretary General
Emessa Crabieli Melis
Deputy Secretary General
Tsabara Haamid al-Harroun

The Aurean Forum for Peace and Cooperation is an intergovernmental organization of countries located near the Aurean Straits, in both Coius and Euclea, headquartered in the city-state of Montecara which lies between the Straits. The organisation was founded following the Solarian War to protect and govern the Straits, the entrance to the Solarian Sea and the Southern Euclean and Northern Coian coasts. The current Secretary General is Crabieli Melis of Emessa.


The Aurean Forum is governed by three main organs: the Secretariat, the Permanent Council, and the General Forum.

The Forum's headquarters


The Secretariat is the organ which carries out the institutional mandates of the organization. It is headed by the Secretary General, who in turn is assisted by a Deputy Secretary General. It is the ultimate responsibility of the Secretary General to execute the resolutions passed by the Permanent Council and General Forum, which she accomplishes by directing the rest of the Secretariat in their work. The Secretariat is staffed by a professional civil service that works on the same payscale as the staff of the Community of Nations.

Permanent Council

The Permanent Council is, as its name implies, a body permanently constituted to make day-to-day decisions that affect the management of the organization. While the Secretariat is intended to be impartial in the execution of its duties, the Permanent Council represents the governments and interests of the member states. Each member state is represented by an ambassador on the Permanent Council.

General Forum

The General Forum is the highest authority of the organization and essentially constitutes its legislature. It meets in regular session annually to pass a budget, set organizational objectives for the coming year, and elect officials when needed. Each member state has equal representation in the General Forum, with the vote usually exercised by either the state's permanent representative to the organization or by its head of government.

Mandates and objectives

The Secretariat is divided into the following directorates, each of which is responsible for a major objective area:

  • Fisheries
  • Hydrography
  • Marine environment
  • Migration
  • Navigation
  • Tourism
  • Seabed resources