Cărnipoře Voblast
Location of Cărnipoře within Luepola.
Location of Cărnipoře within Luepola.
Largest cityObránse
 • GovernorZvonko Drágić (LNP)
 • Total29,446 km2 (11,369 sq mi)
 • Total5,626,470
 • Density191.08/km2 (494.9/sq mi)

Cărnipoře is a voblast (state) of Luepola, one of fourteen such subnational divisions of the country. Its capital and largest city is Obránse, Luepola's critical northern port city. It borders Plosenia and Vyzinia to the north, Vierzland to the west, the voblast of Nimorăn to the south, and Mograč to the east. It is the smallest voblast of Luepola by area, as well as the most densely populated.

Historically, Cărnipoře harbored a significant Vierz-speaking population, to whom the region was known as Schwarzporsen. This population was centered on the city of Krassfurt. Following the Great War, the territories inhabited by the Vierz population were annexed into the Vierz Empire's regions of Jubenham and Jeien.