Vosporođ Voblast

Voszpörögy Oblaszt
Location of Vosporođ within Luepola.
Location of Vosporođ within Luepola.
Largest cityDobrosvar
 • GovernorNikola Sodan (PRAL)
 • Total104,579 km2 (40,378 sq mi)
 • Total1,007,148
 • Density9.63/km2 (24.9/sq mi)

Vosporođ is a voblast (state) of Luepola, one of fourteen such subnational divisions of the country. Its capital city is Idrazna, and its largest city is Dobrosvar; these two cities comprise a majority of the voblast's population. Vosporođ borders the voblast of Vlahac to the west; the country of Vierzland to the north; the voblasts of Podolina, Dvolan, and Sevierna Zakotija to the east; and the countries of Lairea and Granzery to the south. It is the largest voblast of Luepola, but conversely the most sparsely populated, with a population density of less than 10 people per square kilometer.

Vosporođ is situated on the Votanian Plateau, a vast highland region bounded by mountains to its north and west. The region was a borderland frequently fought over among the Veisic Tribes and Deoran Empire, and later the Grozyar tribes and Molvic Kingdoms, before the region was finally conquered by the Kingdom of Luepola and secured in the East Patyrian War. Since then, the south of Vosporođ has been contentested between Luepola and Granzery; the city of Dobrosvar has a notable Granzerian population. Additionally, the historic north of Vosporođ was disputed between Luepola and the Vierz Empire until 1948, when Vierzland annexed the disputed territories in the aftermath of the Great War.