Sevierna Zakotija

Sevierna Zakotija Voblast

Severna Zakotija Oblast
Location of Sevierna Zakotija within Luepola.
Location of Sevierna Zakotija within Luepola.
Largest cityHrdovna
 • GovernorMilan Krčelić (ResP)
 • Total76,180 km2 (29,410 sq mi)
 • Total5,797,019
 • Density76.10/km2 (197.1/sq mi)

Sevierna Zakotija (North Zacotia) is a voblast (state) of Luepola, one of fourteen such subnational divisions of the country. Its capital and largest city is Hrdovna. It borders the voblast of Vosporođ to the west, Dvolăn to the north, Jutska and the Oriental Sea to the east, and the countries of Zacotia and Granzery to the south.

As the name indicates, Sevierna Zakotija was historically part of neighboring Zacotia. The region was annexed into Luepola from Zacotia in TBD. The voblast is subject to various irredentist claims by Zacotian-aligned groups, but the Zacotian government itself does not recognize any of these claims.

The incumbent Luepolan president Savo Grigorević is a native of Sevierna Zakotija and previously served as its governor.