Vlahac Voblast

Vulşior Oblast
Location of Vlahac within Luepola.
Location of Vlahac within Luepola.
Largest cityVulšior
 • GovernorLuiza Angeleskovna (PRAL)
 • Total36,461 km2 (14,078 sq mi)
 • Total2,669,351
 • Density73.21/km2 (189.6/sq mi)

Vlahac is a voblast (state) of Luepola, one of fourteen such subnational divisions of the country. Its capital city is Surojka, and its largest city is Vulšior. It borders the voblast of Vosporođ to the east, the country of Lairea to the southwest, and Vierzland to the north and the west.

Historically, Vlahac was a border region frequently contested between the Vierz Kingdom, medieval Granzery and Lairea, and various Grozyar tribes not aligned with Granzery. The Grozyar tribes were driven out by the Kingdom of Luepola in the 1500s, and the region was largely secured in its current form in the East Patyrian War of the 16th century. A significant portion of the north of Vlahac was annexed by the Vierz Empire in the aftermath of the Great War.

Vlahac's most notable minority population is Lairean with a number of Lairean speakers still present in the region. The city of Vulšior historically harbored a Lairean majority.