President of Luepola

President of the Republic of Luepola
Prezidant Respubliki Ľupolskeg
Coat of arms of Luepola
Dan OSRH Milan Bandic 28052011 2.jpg
Savo Grigorević

since 23 July 2017
Executive branch of the Luepolan government
StyleSudarni Prezidant ("Mr. President")
His Excellency (in international correspondence)
StatusHead of state
ResidenceBieli Dvor
SeatBieli Dvor
Term length4 years; limit of 3 terms
Inaugural holderIgor Petrušić (First Republic)
Emil Ivanušić (Modern)
Formation1 January 1980

The President of Luepola (Luepolan: Ľupolski Prezidant), officially the President of the Republic of Luepola (Prezidant Respubliki Ľupolskeg), is the head of state of Luepola. The president is the head of the Executive Branch and is the honorary commander-in-chief of the Luepolan Armed Forces. Among his duties are the nomination of the Prime Minister and judges to the High Court, and the signing of bills passed by the Sliet. The president also chairs a cabinet of advisors who lead various agencies within the executive branch.

The incumbent president is Savo Grigorević.