Prime Minister of Luepola

Prime Minister of Luepola
Prvi Poslanik Ľupoli
Coat of arms of Luepola
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Radovan Kozić

since 23 July 2017
Legislative branch of the Luepolan government
StylePovažanni Poslanik ("Respected Minister")
His Excellency (in international correspondence)
StatusHead of government
ResidenceStari Dvor
SeatStari Dvor
Term length4 years
Inaugural holderMarijan Trstenjak (First Republic)
Branimir Raganović (Modern)
Formation1 January 1980

The Prime Minister of Luepola (Luepolan: Prvi Poslanik Ľupoli) is the head of government of Luepola. The office of Prime Minister is an informal, traditional office that is not explicitly defined by Luepolan law, but is traditionally held accountable to both the Sliet and the president. Officially, the Prime Minister is a representative of his electoral region in the Popular Assembly, selected to act in an advisory capacity to the president; in practice, his position as representative in the Popular Assembly is filled by a deputy. The Prime Minister sits among the President's cabinet as the representative of the Sliet as a whole. The Prime Minister is designated as the acting president when the president is tentatively declared incapable of fulfilling his office, such as due to medical complications, but is not in the line of succession in the event of the death or resignation of the President.

The incumbent prime minister of Luepola is Radovan Kozić.