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Cabinet of Senria

The Cabinet of Senria (Senrian: 썬류우내까꾸, Senryuu Naikaku) is the cabinet and executive branch of the government of the Republic of Senria. It is tasked with enforcing laws passed by the Senrian National Assembly, conducting internal and external affairs, and overseeing the country's prosperity and defense.

The Cabinet consists of the Prime Minister, who is appointed by the National Assembly, a Deputy Prime Minister appointed by the Prime Minister, and sixteen other permanent ministers who serve at the leisure of the Prime Minister. In addition, there are four cabinet-level officials who are not officially cabinet members but attend cabinet meetings, and the prime minister can appoint ministers without portfolio as desired.

The current cabinet has been in place since Senria's 2018 general election.


Council of Advisors

Council of the Senrian State

Government of National Preservation

Modern era

Government mandate


Defunct positions

Current composition

Official cabinet members


Position Since Name Picture Party
Prime Minister
(쑤쏘우; Susou)
December 10, 2018 Reika Okura Tomomi Inada 2017.jpg People's Party
Deputy Prime Minister
(후꾸쑤쏘우; Hukususou)
December 18, 2018 Kaori Himura Kang Kyung-wha in London - 2018 (41700840110) (cropped).jpg People's Party
Minister of Defense
(꼬꾸보우 대신; Kokubou Daizin)
December 18, 2018 Hiroto Tomimoto Yen Teh-fa 嚴德發 (20170525 總統端節慰勉憲兵 211、332 營 00:01:36).jpg People's Party
Minister of Justice
(씨호우 대신; Sihou Daizin)
December 18, 2018 Masayosi Uehara Yukio Edano in SL Square on 2017 - 4 (cropped).jpg People's Party
Minister of Personnel
(깐인 대신; Kan'in Daizin)
December 18, 2018 Ayane Nisimura Akie Abe (2017).jpg People's Party
Minister of Public Works
(시교우 대신; Zigyou Daizin)
December 18, 2018 Sanetomi Hukuzawa Hiroshige Seko.jpg People's Party
Minister of Revenue
(쑨유우 대신; Sunyuu Daizin)
December 18, 2018 Itirou Yamaguti Machimura Nobutaka 2015.jpg People's Party
Minister of Rites
(떤레 대신; Tenrei Daizin)
December 18, 2018 Yumi Takamatu 9153ri-Yingluck Shinawatra.jpg People's Party


Position Picture Name Party
Secretary of Agriculture Vice President Chen Chien-jen.png Yosihisa Yasutake People's Party
Secretary of Communications Yoshihide Suga-1.jpg Nobusuke Tiura People's Party
Secretary of Culture 60px Tihiro Yamada People's Party
Secretary of Education tbd tbd People's Party
Secretary of Health & Welfare tbd tbd People's Party
Secretary of Industry & Commerce Tony Tan 20110623.jpg Takayasu Matuoka People's Party
Secretary of Resources & the Environment Lin Hsi-yao.jpg Hirosi Ikeda Justice Party
Secretary of Science Steven Choi Official City Portrait.jpg Sitirou Tanaka People's Party
Secretary of Tourism & Sport Shan Tsutsui.jpg Takahiro Sugawara People's Party

Cabinet-level officials

Position Picture Name Party
Chairman of the Censorate tbd tbd People's Party
Chairman of the Public Safety Bureau Han Min-koo.jpg Tarou Nakayama nonpartisan
Chief of Staff of the Senrian Republican Armed Forces Katsutoshi Kawano cropped 2 Phillip G Sawyer and Katsutoshi Kawano 20111013.jpg Sitirou Sasada nonpartisan
Director of the National Police Agency 60px Hiroyosi Yamamoto nonpartisan
Director of the Military Intelligence Corps Ieyosi Takeda nonpartisan
Director of the Special Police Corps Kim Kwan-Jin at the Pentagon Oct. 24, 2012 crop.jpg Ryouiti Yamasita nonpartisan
Governor of the Bank of Senria 新任外交部長李大維首度到立法院外交國防委員會報告及備詢 (cropped).jpg Yosinobu Turuho People's Party
Senrian Ambassador to the Community of Nations Hirofumi Nakasone Senate of Poland 2016 01.JPG Hiroyosi Haruna People's Party

Previous cabinets