Special Police Corps
또꾸버뚜 께싸뚜때
Tokubetu Keisatutai
Tokkeitai emblem.png
Emblem of the Tokkeitai
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 2012.JPG
Takayosi Kasamatu Building
Keisi, Senria
Agency overview
FormedDecember 15, 1927
TypeIntelligence agency
Jurisdiction Senria
MottoDuty, Honor, Sacrifice
Gimu, Meiyo, Gisei
Annual budget¥XXX,XXX,XXX,XXX
(2016 budget)
Ministers responsible
Agency executive
Parent departmentOffice of the Prime Minister
Cabinet of Senria

The Special Police Corps (Senrian: 또꾸버뚜 께싸뚜때, Tokubetu Keisatutai), more commonly known as the Tokkeitai (Senrian: 똒께때), is Senria's primary intelligence agency, tasked with all domestic intelligence, foreign intelligence, and counter-intelligence operations. The agency also historically handled military and signals intelligence, but these tasks were given to the newly-created Military Intelligence Corps, or Gunzoutai, in 1966. The organization has also historically functioned as a military and secret police force. Its current director is Ryouiti Yamasita.

Founded by Katurou Imahara during the Senrian-Xiaodongese War as a replacement for the significantly weaker and smaller Kyoutoukyoku, the Tokkeitai- under inaugural director Takayosi Kasamatu- was initially focused primarily on gathering information on Xiaodongese military operations and preventing Xiaodongese infiltration of the Senrian Republican Armed Forces. After the conflict, though, the agency's power and operational scope increased significantly. During this period, the agency was frequently used to monitor and harass Senrian opposition leaders. The Tokkeitai was also create instability in Xiaodong by sabotaging re-industrialization efforts and providing support to Duljunese separatists.

For the next several decades the Tokkeitai engaged in a tit for tat campaign of espionage and sabotage with Xiaodong's Shujichu. The organization supported Yu Changshao during his attempted coup d'etat against Ma Renzhong, kidnapped Xiaodongese Second Minister Shen Jinping in 1964, assassinated First Minister Sun Yuting, and was implicated in the bombings of the Mausoleum of Lu Keqian in 1987 and the State Presidium of Xiaodong in 1994. The organization gradually ceased its sabotage campaigns due to heavy Tuthinan pressure and the policies of reformist Prime Minister Sigesato Izumi.

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