Sangang Mutual Security Organization

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Sangang Mutual Security Organization
Flag of COMSED.png
Flag of SAMSO
Formation19 September 1981 (1981-09-19)
TypeMilitary alliance
HeadquartersSangang, Baekjeong
Official language
Baekjeong Hwa Hye-su
Supreme Commander

The Sangang Mutual Security Organization (Gaullican: Organisation de sécurité mutuelle de Sangang), commonly known as SAMSO, is an intergovernmental military alliance and collective defense agreement between the Republic of Senria, Most Serene Republic of Baekjeong, Kingdom of Mahayala, Kingdom of Kuthina, and Republic of Nakong.

SAMSO was formed by Senria and Baekjeong on September 19, 1981, with the signing of the Sangang Mutual Security Treaty following roughly a year of negotiations between the two nations and Kuthina, which considered membership in 1980-1981 and 1985-1987 but did not join at the time. Its formation came after the 1975 Coastal Crisis saw the Auspicious Republic of Shangea, a traditional geopolitical threat to all three countries, develop nuclear weapons and annex the Republic of Baishadao, which had been backed by Senria since 1957. Mahayala became the third nation to join SAMSO in 1982, following the Coastal Crisis. Chanda was admitted in 1987, with Kuthina finally formally joining in 2007.

It is widely accepted that SAMSO is aimed primarily at containing Shangean military influence and power projection, forming a cordon sanitaire of allied states along much of Shangea's land borders. As a result, it is widely regarded as a counterweight to the Rongzhuo Strategic Protocol Organisation, which was created by Shangea in response to SAMSO's foundation, in Coius. While there has been no direct conflict between SAMSO and ROSPO state forces, the two have engaged in a variety of proxy conflicts since their creation, most notably the conflict in Heijiang. While formally established as an equal alliance between the four states, it is also commonly agreed that Senria, by far the largest of the alliance's members, plays a de facto dominant role within the organization.

SAMSO has longstanding ties to the Bashurat Cooperation Organization, another Senrian-backed intergovernmental organization in western Coius with a broader purview.



Formations and early operations

During the 1990s

During the 21st century



Most Serene Republic of Baekjeong Kingdom of Kuthina Kingdom of Mahayala Republic of Nakong Republic of Senria
Flag Baekjeong Kuthina Mahayala Nakong Senria
Coat of arms Coat of arms of the Konbaung dynasty.svg COA Mahayala.png Coat of arms of Nakong.svg Blótsmaþing.png
Capital Sangang Chaoban Dharma Queensport Keisi
Political system Unitary parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy Unitary parliamentary semi-constitutional monarchy Unitary parliamentary republic Unitary parliamentary republic
Current head of state Lee Seo-yeon Sivaraksa Jamyang Trengwa Diane Lau Yuet-kwong Reika Okura
Current head of government Park Young Chul Kanok Devakula Rabyang Aukatsang Andrew Ng Fan-chiu Reika Okura
Population 80,348,293 118,047,983 20,342,000 15,901,548 258,751,620
Area tbd km² tbd km² 704,547 km² 40,015 km² tbd km²
GDP (nominal) $tbd million $tbd million $199.7 billion $258 billion $tbd million
GDP (nominal) per capita $tbd $tbd $2,023 $16,230 $tbd
Active military tbd tbd 100,000 175,000 tbd
Reserve military tbd tbd tbd tbd tbd
Paramilitary forces tbd tbd tbd tbd tbd
Total personnel tbd tbd tbd tbd tbd