Government of Werania

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Government of Werania
Werania government.png
Logo of the Weranic government
Established1842 (inaugural)
1993 (current constitution)
StateWeranian Confederation
Appointed byFederal Presidency
Main organCabinet
Responsible toBundestag
Herrstag • Volkstag
HeadquartersObermenstraße, Westbrücken

The Weranian Federal Government (Weranian: Ostischer Bundesregierung) exercises executive authority over Werania. It consists of the Premier and a cabinet of 16 ministries, known as Federal Ministers (bundesminister). Junior ministers are not part of the wider Cabinet. Members of the Cabinet are collectively responsible to the Bundestag and can be removed through a vote of no confidence in the Volkstag. The Premier officially appoints and can dismiss members of the cabinet.

The current Cabinet was inaugurated on the 28 June 2019 following the assumption to the premiership of Otto von Hößlin. 14 members are from the National Consolidation Party whilst 2 members are from the Democratic Alternative. Four individuals who are not members attend cabinet meetings, with one being from the NKP, one from the DA and two not affiliated with a political party.



Cabinet ministers in Werania are appointed by the Premier. All members of the Cabinet must sit in either of the two chambers in the Bundestag. Since 1993, dual mandates of non-parliamentary positions have been illegal for cabinet members. Cabinet members must themselves be civilians who are full citizens of Werania, over the age of 25 and have not committed a felony.

Members of the cabinet enjoy immunity from legal prosecutions unless the Premier and Attorney General agree to open investigations against members. Cabinet members are obliged to resign en masse if the cabinet loses a vote of no confidence and at the end of a parliament's term. During the period in which a cabinet has resigned but a new one has not yet been formed the cabinet becomes a demissionary cabinet which only retains emergency powers.

The cabinet is divided into two positions - members who head ministries and vote within internal cabinet meetings and those who are not officially members who are appointed by the Premier to attend cabinet meetings but neither head a ministry nor are able to vote on policy matters. Junior ministers known as ministers of state (staatsminister) are also appointed within ministries to handle more specialised portfolios, but are not considered part of the cabinet requiring the premier's permission to attend cabinet meetings and doing so as non-voting members.


The formation of the cabinet is constitutionally a complex affair. Following an election wherein no party gets a majority the monarch is tasked to appoint an informateur who seeks potential coalition configurations by consulting between parties before reporting to the monarch to appoint a regierungsbildner (usually the leader of the largest party of a potential coalition) to form a government. The regierungsbildner is considered to be the prospective premier.

The cabinet is elected alongside the premier by the Volkstag by a simple majority ballot. Once the cabinet is approved by a majority of legislative deputies the monarch then formally approves of the candidacy - if the Monarch rejects the nomination from the legislature the Monarch and Bundestag are given a week to come to a consensus - ultimately however if no consensus is reached the Volkstag's nomination automatically becomes a member of the cabinet.

Government mandate


Defunct positions

Current composition

Official cabinet members

Position Member Member since Seat Political party
Federal Premier
Otto von Hößlin
28 June 2019 House of Deputies NKP
Federal Vice-Premier
Minister of Foreign Affairs and Euclean Relations
Minister für Auswärtige Angelegenheiten und Eucläische Beziehungen
2018 Helen McEntee Karin Kneissl (39947643565) (cropped).jpg
Käthe Schickdanze
28 June 2019 House of Deputies DA
Minister of the Interior and Community
Minister für Inneres und Heimat
2017 ORF-Elefantenrunde (37410230120) (cropped).jpg
Jörg Bullmann
28 June 2019 House of Deputies NKP
Minister of Finance
Minister für Finanzen
Manfred Weber March 2019.jpg
Wolfgang Kanther
28 June 2019 House of Deputies NKP
Minister of Economy and Industry
Minister für Wirtschaft und Industrie
Norbert Hofer.jpg
Alexander Oberländer
28 June 2019 House of Councillors NKP
Minister of Defence
Minister für Verteidigung
Emmanuel Macron July 2017.jpg
Anton Raicevich
3 August 2021 House of Deputies NKP
Minister of Justice
Minister für Justiz
Minister for Women and Social Mobility
Ministerin für Frauen und Soziale Mobilität
Landtagswahl Rheinland-Pfalz ZDF-Interview by Olaf Kosinsky-41.jpg
Andrea Däubler
28 June 2019 House of Deputies NKP
Minister of Social Affairs and Employment
Minister für Soziales und Beschäftigung
Lietuvas parlamenta priekšsēdētāja vizīte Latvijā (cropped).jpg
Simas Nekrošius
28 June 2019 House of Deputies DA
Minister of Health Services
Minister für Gesundheitsdienste
2020 Elisabeth Köstinger Ministerrat am 8.1.2020 (49351371016) (cropped) (cropped).jpg
Sabrine Dümmler
28 June 2019 House of Deputies NKP
Minister of Education, Youth and Science
Minister für Bildung, Jugend und Wissenschaft
2012-07-17 BYL 109.JPG
Egon Niebergall
28 June 2019 House of Deputies NKP
Minister of Transport and Infrastructure
Minister für Verkehr und Infrastruktur
Hart aber fair - 2018-04-09-8848.jpg
Helmut Schockenhoff
28 June 2019 House of Councillors NKP
Minister of Regional Government and Development
Minister für Regionalregierung und Entwicklung
2015 Margarete Schramböck (16964730760) (cropped).jpg
Melanie Bätzing-Lichtenthäler
28 June 2019 House of Deputies NKP
Minister of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries
Minister für Landwirtschaft, Forsten und Fischerei
Gerd Müller.JPG
Wilhelm Stahlman
28 June 2019 House of Councillors NKP
Minister of Energy and the Environment
Minister für Energie und Umwelt
Wolfgang Sobotka 23-05-2013 01 (cropped).JPG
Martin Stammberger
28 June 2019 House of Deputies NKP
Minister of Culture, Tourism and Sports
Minister für Kultur, Tourismus und Sport
Rihards Kozlovskis 2015.jpg
Girenas Bujanauskas
28 June 2019 House of Deputies NKP
Minister of Administrative and Constitutional Reform
Minister für Verwaltungs und Verfassungsreform
Kauder, Volker-8810.jpg
Andreas Scheel
28 June 2019 House of Councillors NKP

Also attending

Position Member Member since Seat Political party
Herrstag Legislative Coordinator
Herrstag Legislativkoordinator
Josef Moser (4741871116).jpg
Norbert Böhmer
28 June 2019 House of Councillors NKP
Junior Legislative Coordinator
Junior Legislativkoordinator
16-07-05-Mario Kunasek-KG 6051.JPG
Eckart Krichbaum
28 June 2019 House of Deputies NKP
Attorney General
Justizminister Wolfgang Brandstetter.jpg
Volker Bottenbruch
20 August 2012 N/A Independent
Federal Chancellor
2020-02-14 Annette Widmann-Mauz (Bundestagsprojekt 2020) by Sandro Halank–2.jpg
Isabella Leitgeb
15 July 2011 N/A Modern Centre
(Membership suspended)