Castovia Family

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Castovia Family
Personal details
RelativesMicah Castovia, William Castovia, Percy Castovia, Scott Castovia, Cassious Castovia, Zacharias Castovia

The Castovia Family is a Zamastanian political family that has long been prominent in Zamastanian politics, public service, and business. The first Castovia in office was Micah Castovia, regarded as one of the Founding Fathers of Zamastan. He fought in the Zamastan War of Independence and established the First Bank of Zamastan, which solidified a firm economic system for the new nation following the war. William Castovia, who was served as a 2nd Commander in the Zamastanian Armed Forces, served as the Secretary of Defense under President Avi Taures before then being elected to the Presidency following Taures' passing in 1868. William's son, Percy Castovia, was a senator from Zian's 4th District. Percy's grandson Cassious Castovia was elected the 11th President of Zamastan in 1982, and his son Zacharias Castovia was the CEO of ZSuites Incorporated and is the current President of Zamastan. Scott Castovia, the son of Percy, never held public office but served as a captain in the army.


Military Service



William Castovia served as the 2nd Commander of 4th Company in the Zamastan Armed Forces from 1848 to 1856, as well as serving as the Secretary of Defense from 1856 to 1868. He never saw conflict, as he served each position during peace time.


Percy Castovia served in the military and was involved in battle during the Parabocan War, during which his father was the President during. He led a platoon of soldiers and saw action at the Battle of Kelowna, where his men took heavy loses but held back a Parabocan brigade from capturing a key section of defensive barriers. He lost his right eye in the Battle of Little Yellow Ridge when a cannon-ball struck a rock-face he was standing next to while shouting orders to his men. He spent the rest of his life wearing an eye-patch or protective wear.




Unlike all of his previous family members, Zacharias Castovia was the only one who was never a member of a military branch. As President, he oversaw military operations during the Gladysynthia Crisis.

Political Office

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