Founding Fathers of Zamastan

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Ambassador Franco (center left, brown) signs the Treaty of Maple Canal with Avi Taures (center right, red), reestablishing relations between Skith and Zamastan. President Tomias Hapson stands in the far-right corner with General Henry Tiller standing at his side with a ceremonial sword. A majority of Zamastan's regarded founding fathers are featured in the painting

The Founding Fathers of Zamastan, or simply the Founding Fathers, were a group of Zamastanian leaders who united the colony of Zamah St'an, led the Zamastan War of Independence from the Empire of Skith, and built a frame of government for the new Imperial Republic of Zamastan upon republican principles during the early decades of the 19th century. The group was composed of freed slaves, businessmen, lawyers, philosophers, politicians, and writers from a variety of social, economic, and ethnic backgrounds.

Historians identified the following eight figures as key Founding Fathers: Tomias Hapson, Avi Taures, Henry Tiller, Thomas Pétion, Micah Castovia, Anders Pittman, Warren Forrester and Maru Harding. Hapson and Pétion were freed slaves before the War of Independence, Taures was a leading opponents of slavery and commissioned the creation of the Constitution, while Forrester and Harding were its primary authors. Castovia established the First Bank of Zamastan which solidified a firm economic system for the new nation. Pittman was Zamastan's chief negotiator for a significant period and started establishing diplomatic relations with other nations.