William Castovia

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William Castovia
William Castovia.jpg
11th President of Zamastan
In office
September 22nd, 1868 – September 22nd, 1882
Preceded byBryson Woodward
Succeeded bySolomon Stewart
Minister of Defense
In office
September 22nd, 1856 – May 17th, 1868
Personal details
BornApril 9th, 1829
Moulins, Redeemer’s Land, Zamastan
DiedJune 5th, 1911 (Age: 82)
Blythe, Mayotte, Zamastan
Political partyBlue Conservative Party (Zamastan)
Height5 ft 10 in (178 cm)
ChildrenPercy, Madison
FatherMicah Castovia
RelativesScott Castovia (Grandson), Cassious Castovia (Great-Grandson), Zacharias Castovia (Great-great-grandson)
Military service
Branch/serviceZamastanian Armed Forces
Years of service1848-1856
Rank2nd Commander

William Castovia was the 11th President of Zamastan, succeeding President Bryson Woodward after defeating him in the 1868 election. He had also served as the Secretary of Defense for ten years prior to his appointment as President. He was president during the Parabocan War, which resulted in the annexation of the province of Mayotte and the downfall of the nation of Paraboca. Castovia was mostly a wartime president, so the remainder of his time as the Head of State was deticated to reconstruction, which many saw as slow paced and illigitamate power grabs. Ultimately, his long term and would be the deciding factor of the 1882 Election, where the 53 year old president lost to Solomon Stewart. He passed away in 1911.

Castovia was the great-grandfather of future president Cassious Castovia and the great-great-grandfather of Zacharias Castovia, kick-starting the first family dynasty in Zamastan politics, the Castovia Family.

Early Life and Career

Political Career

Secretary of Defense


Parabocan War