ZSuites Incorporated

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ZSuites & Forrester Incorporated
Corporate Conglomerate
Traded asZSFR
IndustryReal estate, Software development, Computer hardware, Consumer electronics, Weapons development, Vehicle manufacturing, News media
PredecessorForesster Market
Founded2001; 23 years ago (2001)
FoundersJason M Forrester
Zacharias Castovia
HeadquartersForrester Tower (Tofino, Zian)
Forrester Campus (Tregueux, Tregueux)
Key people
Tauren Delavian (President & CEO)
Lily-Grace Burris (Executive Chairman)
Vienna Galvan (Vice President)
Asad Pham (COO)
ProductszPhone, zPad, zTelescreen
Z$ 43.8 billion (2019)
+ Z$ 80.6 billion (2019)
Total assetsZ$ 255.662 billion (2019)
Total equityZ$ 133.4 billion (2019)
OwnerZacharias Castovia
Number of employees
229,000 (2019)

ZSuites & Forrester Incorporated, also known as ZSuites Incorporated and formally known as Forrester Market, is a multi-billion dollar multi-establishment organization and one of the largest companies located in Zamastan, though they have businesses opened across the world. The company is famous for its high-end real estate development and construction. Through its various constituent companies and partnerships, it has or has had interests in real estate development, investing, brokerage, sales and marketing, and property management, but also has subsidiaries in technology, vehicle manufacturing, and arms development. It was founded by Jason M Forrester in 2001, but aqcuired by Zacharias Castovia in 2012, and is currently headed by Tauren Delavian. The company employs nearly 229,000 people. They also operate or have operated in construction, hospitality, casinos, entertainment, book and magazine publishing, broadcast media, model management, retail, financial services, food and beverages, business education, online travel, and commercial and private aviation.

ZSuites & Foresster is headquartered in the Forrester Campus in Tregueux, as well as the Forrester Tower in Tofino, and it has other corporate locations and acquisitions in foreign nations, most notably Avergnon, Shoassau, Lutharia. Besmenia, Elbresia, New Elkland, and Quetana. In April 2019, they aqcuired and merged with Andromedia Incorporated, the largest tech company in Avergnon. A year later in May of 2020, they merged with select entities of ZeeMart, Zamastan's largest retail company. They have also have store locations in Emmiria, Rio Palito, Vulkaria, and Yuan.

The enterprise has been met with criticism since its 2001 founding and 2012 merger with Foresster. Famously, it was an important part of the Delavian Bribery Scandal, which shook Zamastan's political landscape with the resignation of both Chief of Staff Aya Booth and President Castovia, who returned to the company following his leave. The scandal also resulted in the sentencing of congressman Cormac Hammer by special prosecutor Cairo Gough. It also is the owner of both the newspaper the Tofino Times and the international news cable channel ZNN, which has faced criticism for percieved sense of bias.


Foresster Merger (2012)

Real Estate Acquisitions (2012-2014)

Technology Branches (2014)

Weapons Development (2015)

Corporate Board Change (2016)

Real Estate

Other ventures and investments

Criticism and Controversy