Chancellor of Werania

k.k Chancellor of the Lands of the Weranic Crown
2017-01-20 Horst Seehofer CSU 6527.JPG
Otto von Hößlin

since 28th June 2019
StyleThe Honourable
ResidencePalais Beinhoff, Westbrücken, Werania
AppointerMonarch of Werania
Term length4 years or earlier, renewable.
The Volkstag must be dissolved every 4 years or earlier by the Chancellor. The person who commands the confidence of a majority of members of the Volkstag will become the Chancellor.
Inaugural holderUlrich von Bayrhoffer
Formation17th March 1842
DeputyVice Chancellor

The k.k Chancellor of the Lands of the Weranic Crown (Weranian: k.k Reichskanzler der Länder der Ostisch Krone) has been the head of government of the Lands of the Weranic Crown since the unification of Werania under the efforts of King Sigismund and Cislanian Minister-President Ulrich von Bayrhoffer, who became the inaugural Chancellor. The Chancellor officially chairs the Government of Werania, and since the 1940's has evolved from a first-amongst-equals to a more presidential office with the ultimate authority over executive affairs. The Chancellor is officially appointed by the monarch, who must appoint a candidate nominated by the Volkstag. The Volkstag must pass a vote of no confidence to remove a Chancellor.

There has been 47 individuals who have been Chancellor. The current Chancellor is Otto von Hößlin who has served in the post since June 2019.


Powers and duties

Selection process

The Chancellor is nominated by the Volkstag with a simple-majority ballot being conducted whenever there is a vacancy. Once the Chancellor's candidacy is approved by a majority of Volkstag deputies it is referred to the Herrstag who also by a simple majority must approve of the Chancellor. After that it is presented to the monarch to formally approves of the candidacy. If either the Herrstag or monarch rejects the nomination from the Volkstag the rejecting party and Volkstag are given a week to come to a consensus - ultimately however if no consensus is reached the Volkstag's nomination automatically becomes Chancellor.

The Chancellor can only be removed through an impeachment, presenting their resignation to the monarch or losing a vote of no confidence in the Volkstag. In the role of an immediate vacancy of the Chancellor the monarch may appoint a sitting Volkstag member to chair a caretaker cabinet until the Volkstag nominates a candidate for Chancellor.



Living former Chancellors

As of 2019 there are seven living former Chancellors. The last Chancellor to die was Adolf Stahl in 2007, who served as Chancellor from 1960-1963.