Copa d'Aeia

Copa d'Aeia
Founded1984; 34 years ago
RegionAeia (FFA)
Number of teams32 (finals)
Current championsMidrasia Midrasia (5th title)
Most successful team(s)Midrasia Midrasia (5 titles)
Copa d'Aeia 2019

The Copa d'Aeia (Newreyan: Aeian Cup) is an annual men's association football tournament hosted within Aeia. The event, organised by the Football Federation of Aeia, was established in 1984 as a successor to the old Aeian Cup and Eastern League following the collapse of the Eastern powers and the unification of the football governing body. Although effectively unified in YEAR, it took many years for the FFA to reestablish a world tournament due to the fallout following the collapse of the Eastern powers. As of 1984 the first tournament took place within TBC and was won by TBC. The current tournament is being hosted by Romellea and features 32 teams.


Year Host nation Winner
1990  Newrey Newrey Newrey
1991  Crylante Navack Navack
1992  Navack Midrasia Midrasia
1993  Cuirpthe Isolaprugna Isolaprugna
1994  Midrasia Marensoald Marensoald
1995  Marensoald  Qal'eh
1996 Marensoald Marensoald
1997  Glanodel Glanodel Glanodel
1998  Miersa Glanodel Glanodel
1999 Midrasia Midrasia
2000 Isolaprugna Isolaprugna
2001  Utamucanee Utamucanee Utamucanee
2002  Motsvara Cuirpthe Cuirpthe
2003 Marensoald Marensoald
2004  Mascylla
2005 Vidoria Vidoria
2006  Onza Navack Navack
2007 Aleia Aleia
2008 Navack Navack
2009  Cuirpthe Midrasia Midrasia
2010  Newrey Cuirpthe Cuirpthe
2011  Aleia
2012  Isolaprugna Isolaprugna Isolaprugna
2013 Tyronova Tyronova
2014 Midrasia Midrasia
2016  Midrasia
2017  Crylante &
Template:Country data New Timeria Timeria
2018 Template:Country data Salborga Navack Navack
2019  Qal'eh Midrasia Midrasia

Top Goalscorers

Rank Nation Player Goals scored
1 Midrasia Midrasia Enzo Lazare 12
2 Navack Navack Yagg Ëmill 7
2 Marensoald Marensoald Marc Tabia 7
3 Midrasia Midrasia Simone Qualquart 6
4 Template:Country data Tarasanovia Tarasanovia Xzavier Armistead 5
5 Navack Navack Chåsenn Mathiësk 4