Princess Desideria of Petra

Princess Desideria
Born (1999-01-09) 9 January 1999 (age 20)
Castra Rubea, Sydalon, Sydalon
Full name
Desideria Berenice Elisabetta Belandra
HouseAultavilla (official)
Toron (agnatic)
FatherDesiderius, Prince of Petra
MotherPrincess Eirene of Latium
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Princess Desideria of Petra (Desideria Berenice Elisabetta Belandra; 9 January 1999) is a Sydalene princess, and the fourth child of Desiderius, Prince of Petra and Princess Eirene of Latium. At the time of her birth she was sixth in the Sydalene line of succession; she is seventh as of 2018.

Early life

Desideria was born on 9 January 1999 at Castra Rubea, in Sydalon, as the fourth child of Desiderius, Prince of Petra and Princess Eirene of Latium. She was baptized in Kerkouane, with water from the Yarden River, on 2 February 1999. Her godparents are Princess Sibylla, Countess of Birkara (her paternal aunt), and Prince Theodosius, Duke of Beroea (her maternal uncle). Her name was announced two weeks after her birth, named Desideria after her aunt Isabella, Princess Imperial, Berenice for her great-grandmother Queen Elissa IV, Desideria for her father, and Belandra which is a common family name among the House of Aultavilla.

Desideria was primarily educated by private tutors for her primary and secondary education years, in lieu of attending formal schooling. Like her elder siblings, her education focused on art, history, language, scripture, and the constitution.


In July 2018, Desideria entered her mandatory two-month training period as a reserve member of the Royal Army. In early September, she began her tertiary education at Balzac University, making Desideria the first member of the Sydalene Royal Family to attend a domestic university.

Personal life

Titles, styles, and honors


  • 9 January 1999 – present: Her Royal Highness Princess Desideria of Petra


  •  Sydalon: Lady of the Order of the Holy Lance Cavaliere SSML BAR.svg
  •  Latium: Dame of the Most Noble Order of St. Maria Order of the Most Holy Annunciation BAR.svg


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Born: 9 January 1999
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