Fakolana-Yisrael relations

Fakolan-Yisraeli relations
Diplomatic mission
Fakolan Embassy, YerushalayimYisraeli Embassy, Fakolanum

Relations between Fakolana and Yisrael have spanned more than two and a half centuries since the modern founding of Fakolana in the late 18th century.

Country comparison

Template:Country data Fakolana Grand Duchy of Fakolana Yisrael Kingdom of Yisrael
Populations 3.1 million (2018) 20.2 million (2018)
Area 13,872 km2 150,304 km2
Population density 11,516.07/km2 ???
Capital Fakolanum Yerushalayim
Largest city Fakolanum Dervaylik
Government Parliamentary constitutional monarchy Federal presidential constitutional monarchy
Current Leader CRM Grand Duke Gaius VII
(head of state)
Tribune Kaeso Veturius
(head of government)
HRM King Yaakov II
(head of state)
President Noah Feldman
(head of government)
Official languages Latin, Sydalene Modern Hebrew, Allamunnic English and Yiddish
Main religions Alban (84%)
Catholicism (3%)
Jewish (1%). [TO BE EDITED]
Jewish (75.1%)
irreligious (9.2%)
Catholicism (7.9%)
Islam (4.6%)
various Protestant Christian sects (2.35%)
Orthodox Christianity (0.5%)
Yeosindo (0.35%). [TO BE EDITED]
GDP (nominal) (2015) $225 billion ($72,447 per capita) $823.97 billion ($40,705 per capita)
Military expenditures $XXX.XXX billion (X.XX% of GDP) [TO BE EDITED] $349.889 billion (5.01% of GDP) [TO BE EDITED]


Zivan Strip

The Zivan Strip is a former disputed territory in western Fakolana that was a point of tension between Fakolana and Yisrael for over 60 years, and continues to be an area of local controversy. Primarily Jewish in makeup, the region has been traded between both nations through military and diplomatic means.

The origin of the dispute came in 1893 with the escalation of a military standoff between Duchess Auria Sapientia of Fakolana and PRESIDENT TBD of Yisrael, leading to the Fakolan Border War. Much of the fighting took place in the Strip, which had been firmly controlled by the Yisraeli state for decades. With the Fakolan victory, the region was forcibly demilitarized but retained by Yisrael.

With Sapientia's death and the coronation of Duke Gaius VI, Zivan was again targeted, this time by Tribune Ancius Patrionum. In November of 1919 Fakolan troops were ordered to march into the Strip, taking the territory. With Yisrael's ongoing civil war, it was unable to respond to the act of aggression.

Trade and economics

Rivalry (1980s - present)

Law enforcement

Military and security

Both countries have agreed to a demilitarized zone 10 kilometers on either side of their border. Each side requires the other's consent to deploy military forces within this zone. Since the treaty, neither side has vetoed a request by the other.

Fakolana and Yisrael have a regional intelligence-sharing program as well as local joint antipiracy efforts. However, due to Fakolana's longstanding ties to the Latinic states and Yisrael's cordial but lingering-wariness relationship with the same, neither country has extensive coordination with the other on military and security affairs.

Border controls and immigration

Yisrael and Fakolana each require a reciprocal visa program for visitors from the other country's citizens and permanent residents. However, Yisrael has a waiver for dual citizens with both Yisraeli and Fakolan citizenship to enter the country without the need for a visa, but simply producing a valid passport.

Yisrael charges an entry fee for all persons, citizen or non-citizen alike, entering the country. The current charge is $25 shekels. However, dual citizens and registered regular cross-border business travelers are exempt.

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