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Noah Feldman

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His Excellency President

Noah Feldman
Yis Noah Feldman pic 2.jpg
Official presidential portrait.
Former President of Yisrael
In office
January 30th, 2012 – February 3rd, 2020
MonarchHezekiah III (2020)
Yaakov II (2012-2020)
Preceded byEitan Herzog
Succeeded byYitzchok Katz
Governor of the Western District
In office
February 6th, 2006 – January 30th, 2012 (resigned mid-term to assume the Office of the Presidency)
Preceded byChaim Halperin
Succeeded byYishai Ben Azzai
Lieutenant Governor of the Western District
In office
January 26th, 2002 – February 6th, 2006
Preceded byOzriel Silvermann
Succeeded byChanina Harpaz
Western District Senator
(Westerly Islands-1)
In office
January 20th, 1994 – January 26th, 2002
Preceded byMoshe Yehuda Weinberger
Succeeded byHezekiah Frum
Western District Assemblyman
(Westerly Islands-4)
In office
February 5, 1990 – January 20th, 1994
Preceded byMoshe Yehuda Weinberger
Succeeded byDina Zburkovsky
Personal details
BornMarch 25th, 1959
Ashkelon, Western District
Political partyRoyalist Conservative Party
Spouse(s)Sarah Miriam (née Weiss)
ResidenceYerushalayim, Yisrael
Alma materB.M.S., RYPA - Yerushalayim; M.B.A., King David University School of Business
ProfessionBusinessman, Military officer, Politician

Noach P. Feldman (born March 25th, 1959), more commonly known by his Anglicized name Noah Feldman, is a Yisraeli politician who is a former President of Yisrael. He has served in a number of elected positions in the Western District's legislature and executive offices. He is a member of the Royalist Conservative Party.

He served as a special forces officer in the Royal Yisraeli Defense Forces, before pursuing a business career in media consulting and public relations. Several years after leaving the armed forces, he moved to his childhood hometown and ran for office in the District Legislature, serving two 2-year terms in its lower house, the Assembly, and two 4-year terms as a District Senator. He eventually arose to Governor of the Western District, serving a term and a half before winning the 2012 presidential election, succeeding outgoing Con-Lib Eitan Herzog.

As president, Feldman has espoused an ideology coined as "neoconservatism," increasing tying political and religious conservatism together domestically and asserting Yisrael more aggressively abroad, such as in the 2019-20 protests in Gran Aligonia. He is also credited for preventing Christian terrorism from being successfully executed in a given year since it began, with 2019 being the first year to go without a terrorist attack since the 1970s. Feldman has also touted his economic policies for the 2010s economic boom.

He was succeeded by a fellow Conservative, Yitzchok Katz, a friend, political ally, and the final Foreign Minister of his administration.

Early life and military career

Feldman was born on March 25, 1959, to RYDF Captain Ephraim C. and Tzivia L. Feldman (neé Goldenberg) in the Elazar F. Roth Memorial Hospital in Ashkelon, Western District, Yisrael. He was one of four children, being the second son. His father had fought for the Constitutionalists during the 1950-51 Year of Blood, and his mother was the daughter of Keulandic Jewish refugees.

He was raised in a suburb of Tel Eilat on the Westerly Islands, attending a Masorti-affiliated day school. He won a full scholarship and attended the exclusive and wealthy Tel Eilat Yeshiva, a yeshiva high school where he run into members of the Roth family his age as well as the some of the Goldwater boys.

However, in his second year, he transferred to the Royal Yisraeli Political Academy system, where he joined its Yerushalayim campus as a legacy owing to the fact his father and grandfather had also attended The Academy. He joined the Academy's Army Track, graduating in 1977 near the top of his class as a first lieutenant.

He came of age in the RYPA as Yisraeli society was processing the new normal after the Yarden Accords. He told a journalist during his 1990 campaign for Western District Assembly seat 4 that he "was skeptical of the Accords at first. Alot of my fellow cadets were opposed to them and thought Benayoun was a traitor...but over time both sides have lived up to its potential for peace and coexistence. Its scoffers were wrong; Yarden brought hope for a calmer future."

He served four years in the Royal Yisraeli Army as a special forces officer, partaking in operations across Scipia, parts of Belisaria, and elsewhere. He retired in 1981.

Business career

With help from the Army, Feldman applied and paid for a year-long Master of Business Administraion degree in 1982. A year later, after graduating the program, using high-school connections, he joined the Roth Group as a media and public-relations consultant for its private military contractor division.

With the post-Yarden warming between Yisrael and Sydalon in the mid-to-late 1980s, Feldman was dispatched by the Roth Group to represent its public image abroad in Sydalon and Latium, two former foes turned prospective partners. He spoke on an array of television and radio appearances in both countries between 1985 and 1988, as the Yisraeli arms and security business was making a move for the Latinic market.

When he ran for president in 2012, a number of Sydalene and Latinic business types of a certain age remembered his appearances in the mid-1980s.

Western District legislature

Western District Assembly

By the late 1980s, the Constitutional Liberals had started making gains against the ruling Royalist Conservatives, especially in suburban areas, across the country, including the Western District. In 1986, the longstanding Conservative incumbent Yuri Lopatin who held Feldman's hometown Assembly seat was defeated in an unexpected loss to a rising Con-Lib politician named Moshe Yehuda Weinberger. Weinberger came from a politically active family in the Westerly Islands, but he cut a distinctive liberal profile, opposing the President Binyamin Schwartz (1976-1984) era of tax cuts, deregulation, and privatizations implemented at the national and District level.

Between 1986 and 1990, Weinberger became a constant critic of the Conservatives' majorities in the Western District Legislature, and sponsored a number of bills to prevent or restore the cuts and changes the Conservatives had been making since the late 1970s. In the 1986 and 1988 District elections, the Con-Libs had gained 18 Assembly seats and 7 Senate seats, narrowing the Conservatives' majorities from 23-7 (Senate - 1985) to 16-14 (1988) and from 51-9 (Assembly - 1985) to 33-27 (1988).

Local Conservative party leaders reached out to Feldman in 1988, but he declined to run. However, after Weinberger voted to unsuccessully restore an ended income tax abolished in 1979, he changed his mind upon a second attempt to recruit him and agreed to run.

1990 campaign

1992 campaign

Western District Senate

1994 campaign

1998 campaign

Leutenant Governor of the Western District

2002 campaign

Political positions

Governor of the Western District

2006 campaign

First term

2010 campaign

Second term

President of Yisrael

2012 campaign

Conservative Party primary

General election

2016 campaign

General election

Political positions

Domestic policy

Foreign Policy

Assertive posture abroad
Permanent pipeline for Keulandic Jewish refugees
Timeline of events
2014 April incident with Keuland
2016 attempted royal coup in Latium
2017-2018 Sydalene Revolution
2018 Midnight Affair
2019-2020 protests in Gran Aligonia

Political views

He is considered a secular conservative in the Conservative Party. However, he has pioneered the now dominant ideology on the right known as Neoconservatism, successfully fusing the political and religious right together under the Conservatives to establish a stable governing majority.

Personal life and family

Feldman is married to Sarah Miriam (née Weiss) since 1982. They have 4 children (by order of age): Yaakov (age 37), Avigayil (age 35), Shmuel (age 31), and Yael (age 26).

The Feldmans consider themselves Masortim, and have their personal home outside Tel Eilat, the Westerly Islands as well as their occupancy of the Presidential Palace in Yerushalayim during his terms in office.

Feldman speaks four languages fluently: his native Modern Hebrew and Anglic, as well as Standard Latin and Sydalene. He also has a working knowledge of Ascalene.

He is a sports enthusiast and athlete, and maintains a 90-minute workout regiment every day except Shabbos. He follows Belisarian football "religiously."