Foreign relations of Glanodel

Glanodel's foreign policy is primarily influenced by its identity as a Lhedwinic nation, its close ties to the country of Newrey, and its identity as a sovereign, Asuran nation. Since its founding as an independent nation following the dissolution of the United Kingdom of Lhedwin, Glanodel has enjoyed generally amicable relations with most nations, especially its Asuran neighbors. While maintaining a mostly neutral position on international issues from 1900 to the 1980s, Glanodel has steadily taken a more active role in international politics. Prior to the 21st century, Glanodel was heavily reliant upon Newrey for its national defense and security needs, but has since increased its military capabilities and its capacity for independent military action and responses. As a result, Glanodel has taken on a new role as a major power in Asura and the dominant power in Lhedwin. Glanodel has also been a vocal member of the international community in pushing for the expansion of human rights and democracy, among other issues.

Since opening its economy to foreign markets and dramatically expanding its reliance upon foreign investment throughout the mid-20th century, the nation's primary focus in foreign policy has been the establishment of open and cooperative relationships with foreign powers and establishing trade with foreign markets. In recent years, Glanodel has become a strong supporter of international peacekeeping, and has gradually abandoned its tradition of neutrality. Today, Glanodel is pursuing an active foreign policy through campaigning for the extension of human rights and democracy aboard. Glanodel also played a key role in the establishment of the Commonwealth of Democratic Nations and the late-President Nikolai Svendsen was the key proponent of establishing the Lhedwin Council.

Glanish foreign policy is primarily the responsibility of the President and the Secretary of State. Treaties require the assent of Congress and the signature of the President. All embassies are maintained and staffed by the State Department. Declarations of war must be approved by Congress, though the President does possess the power to order military action against a foreign aggressor immediately following an act of war by another country or similar entity.

Defense of the country is the responsibility of the Glanish Guard (Glanish: Glanskavagt), which utilizes both volunteer and conscript troops, mostly between the ages of 19 and 34. For more than a century, Glanodel's defense needs were provided by Newrey, though the nation has made considerable investments in military expansion over the past two decades.

Department of State

Secretary of State Simonsen during a meeting with top Glanish ambassadors.

The Department of State (Udenrigsafdeling, UA), often referred to as the Foreign Department, is the Commonwealth's federal executive department that advises the President and leads the country in foreign policy issues. Equivalent to the foreign ministry of other countries, the State Department is responsible for the international relations of the country, negotiates treaties and agreements with foreign entities, and represents the embassies and ambassadorial offices for the country to all international organizations. The Department was established in 10 April 1936 by separating the Office for Foreign Affairs from the Office of Presidential Staff. Headquartered at the Herregard, the Department operates the diplomatic missions of the country abroad and is responsible for implementing foreign policy and diplomacy efforts. The Department is also the depository for the nation's multilateral treaties.

The Department is led by the Secretary of State, who is nominated by the President and confirmed by the Council of States and is a member of the Cabinet. The current Secretary of State is Lasse Mikkelsen, beginning 16 March 2016. The Secretary of State is the first Cabinet official in the order of precedence and is third in the presidential line of succession, after the President pro tempore after the House Speaker.

Bilateral relations


Country Status Current state of relations Mutual Embassies Visa Requirement Foreign Ambassador Glanish Ambassador
 Onza Excellent Both nations maintain mutual embassies and are both part of the Commonwealth of Democratic Nations. Yes Yes Ala al-Din Hafeez Najm Helen Daugaard


Country Status Current state of relations Mutual Embassies Visa Requirement Foreign Ambassador Glanish Ambassador
 Ardaima Excellent Both nations maintain mutual embassies and are both part of the Commonwealth of Democratic Nations. The two nation's are trading partners. Due to the special status of Ardaiman as a recognized national language of Glanodel the nation is considered eligible to join the Ardaiman Heritage Community. Yes Yes Flora Stumpo Dorthe Bjorn
 Chalcia Excellent Both nations maintain mutual embassies and are both part of the Commonwealth of Democratic Nations. Yes Yes TBD Ib Fuglsang
 Crylante Excellent The two nations have maintained close relations since Crylante reestablished a united government in 1914. Currently, both nations have an extradition treaty and a free trade aggreement. Yes No Jens Le Grande Sune Friis
 Mascylla Excellent Both nations operate formidable relations since the Lotrič Conference of 1900, the founding of Glanodel so to speak. They maintain good trade relations with a noticable portion of Glanish technological exports going to Mascylla and opposite, and are also able to cooperate in other political affairs. Yes No Bertold Holtger William Petersen
 Midrasia Excellent Glanodel maintains warm relations with Midrasia since their independence, with Midrasia playing a key role in the Battle of Vrnallia sound, leading to the collapse of Lhedwin. Yes Yes Isaac Beauchamp Rosa Nissen
 Navack Excellent Glanodel and Navack maintain warm relations and have held a longstanding peaceful relationship since the 1930s. Yes No TBD Janus Bjørn
 Newrey Allied While Newrey maintains 3 bases (2 air and 1 naval) within Glanish territory and the countries share a defensive pact, relations between the two nations have been strained due to changes in Newreyan domestic policies. Yes No TBD Kurt Degn
Template:Country data tir Lhaeraidd Very Good Since the establishment of the Lhaeraidh-Newreyan Treaty, Glanodel and tir Lhaeraidd have enjoyed close trading relations. Yes No Amhlaidh Lorccán Kristian Berg
 Veleaz Neutral There are no outstanding issues between the two nations. Yes Yes TBD Thomas Johannessen
23x15px Vrnallia Very Good TBD Yes No TBD Theodor Lauritsen


Country Status Current state of relations Mutual Embassies Visa Requirement Foreign Ambassador Glanish Ambassador
 Ajerrin Very Good Glan-Ajerrin relations have been strong since the two nations became allies in the CDN. The two nations regularly exchange in commerce, joint research, and development projects. A number of Glanodel's military contracts come from Ajerrin manufacturer, Darkwater Irons. Yes No Alona Nohoali TBD

International organizations

Glanodel is the member of several international organizations and entities including Lhedwin Council and Commonwealth of Democratic Nations.

Lhedwin Council

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