Greater Annecy

Republic of Greater Annecy

République d'Annecy
Flag of Annecy
Motto: An Eternal Union of the People
Anthem: God Save Annecy
and largest city
Official languagesFrench
Recognised national languagesDutch
Recognised regional languagesJapanese
Ethnic groups
  • 71% Annecyian French
  • 20% Annecyian English
  • 4.5% Felsinan
  • 0.5% Other
GovernmentUnitary Parliamentary republic
• Prime Minister
Reynaud d'Duchamps
• Minister of State
Fiacre Duval
• President of the Council
Ormond Penner
• Speaker of the Forum
Carlton Patrickson
• First King of Annecy
700-800 CE
• First Peace of Midhurst
• Act of Union
25 December, 1550
• Second Peace of Midhurst
• June Revolution
18 June, 1985
• Second Constitution Ratified
1 January, 2000
• 2019 estimate
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
very high
CurrencyAurei (AUR)
Time zoneUTC+0 (CVT)
• Summer (DST)
Seshan Islands does not observe DST
Date formatdd-mm-yyyy AD
Driving sideright
Calling code+4

Le République d'Annecy (English: The Republic of Annecy), commonly known as Greater Annecy is a Parliamentary Republic in southwestern Ventismar consisting of mainland territories in Ventismar in Sunalaya and an overseas department vested in the Seshan Islands off the coast of the UST in the Pacifica Ocean. The metropolitan area of Annecy composing the territories in Ventismar stretch from its northern border with Ripuaria down through the west Ventismar mountain range and flows southwards where Annecy shares the border with Makenzie and Athabaska and Pantorrum.

The area which today encompasses Annecy used to be part of a larger region dominated by the Ripuarian culture who spoke an ancient Germanic language. In 83 BC large swaths of the region were annexed by the Union of the Centismar. Soon after the collapse of the union, the local rulers of Annecy began to develop their own style of rulership, influenced by the northern Ripuarians and the southern Pantorrans, creating a distinct cultural divide that persists to this day.

Modern Annecy traces its roots as far back as the first Annecyian King, coronated at some point between 700 and 800 CE, though limited records of a precise date exist. After several wars with the southern Pantorrans over the dominion of the region, Greater Annecy was finally formed as a union between the Kingdom of Annecy and the Principality of Rotherham, which was upgraded to Grand Principality through the First Constitution. Following the June Revolution in June of 1985, the last King of Annecy was overthrown and replaced by a brief socialist state before a democratic republic was established after Ventismarian intervention.

Annecy is one of the founding members of the Ventismar Union and serves as the headquarters of the VUBMO in Hyancourt. As a member of the United Sunalayan Assembly, the Francophone Community, the Lutetia Economic Advancement Agreement and various other international organizations, including the Centismar Security Council, Greater Annecy has set itself on the international map as a powerful ambassador of diplomacy in the 21st Century. The country is known for its rich culture and a history stretching back several hundreds of years. In addition, Greater Annecy prides itself on a deep military tradition through both victory and defeat in its long history.

Economically, Annecy is among the largest economies in west Ventismar with a total of $2.621 trillion in nominal GDP. This is mostly due to intensive trade and a large number of economic treaties forged over the centuries, most important are its treaties with the VU Economic Zone. This is in addition to a high living standard and large population which drives a massive economic base in the manufacturing and services sectors. The Ayen River, which sources in the west Ventismar mountain range, serves as the primary trading vein within Annecy as its longest river and accounts for nearly 80% of all water-based trade in and out of the nation.


The precise origin behind the name Annecy remains unknown, but most historians suggest that the name was given to landmarks, especially Lake Annecy, along the border with Ripuaria which has since been used to describe all the inhabitants that live beyond this area. Greater Annecy refers to the collective land that is united with the Grand Principality of Rotherham.

The proper way to refer to a citizen of Annecy is as "Annecyian", "Greater Annecyian" is not used in any official context.





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