Han Guanzheng

Han Guanzheng
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Han in 2004
First Minister of Auspicious Republic of Xiaodong
In office
15th October 1997 – 30th September 2005
PresidentLiu Jingyao
Qiao Shengzuo
DeputyJin Baoshun
Preceded byYang Zhengming
Succeeded byYuan Xiannian
Chairman of the Xiaodong Regeneration Society
In office
15th October 1997 – 30th September 2005
DeputyJin Baoshun
Preceded byQian Xingwen
Succeeded byYuan Xiannian
Second Minister
In office
9th June 1990 – 15th October 1997
Prime MinisterYang Zhengming
Preceded byLi Jingyao
Succeeded byLi Xiaowen
Minister of Finance
In office
27th May 1988 – 15th October 1997
Prime MinisterQian Xingwen<nr>Yang Zhengming
Preceded byMao Zhongchen
Succeeded byMang Li
Personal details
Born (1940-04-23) April 23, 1940 (age 80)
22x20px Rongzhuo, Langang Prefecture, Xiaodong
NationalityFlag of Xiaodong.png Xiaodongese
Political partyIndependent
Other political
Xiaodong Regeneration Society (1955-2018)
Spouse(s)Qiao Liyuan
Alma materUniversity of Rongzhuo
This is a Xiaodongese name; the family name is Han (韩).

Han Guanzheng (Xiaodongese: 韩冠正, Hán Guānzhèng; born 23rd April 1940, aged 76) is a Xiaodongese retired politician currently under investigation for corruption. He previously served as First Minister of Xiaodong from 1997 to 2005. He served in various ministerial roles between 1984-97, including Minister of Finance and Second Minister as well as serving as Chairman of the Xiaodong Regeneration Society from 1997-2005. He was the first Xiaodongese First Minister to be born after the Corrective Revolution and creation of the Auspicious Republic. From 2010 to 2018 Managing Director for Xiaodongese Petroleum and Gas until 2018 when he removed from his position.

Han became a member of the XRS in his 20's working in chemical engineering before moving to become a bureaucrat first in the Ministry of Defence and Military Planning and then to be an adviser to Qian Xingwen and his reformist policies, becoming the Minister of Fiance in 1988. Han identified with the moderate reformist wing of the party who supported Qian's and later Yang Zhengming's economic and political reformers, being seen as one of the most liberal voices within the ruling party.

Han was handpicked as Yang's successor in 1995, and following Yang's forced resignation in 1997 became party chairman and First Minister as part of a new generation of technocratic leaders. Han's governing style was based on consensus leadership, albeit Han himself often strogarmed his Council of Ministers to back his reformist policies. Upon coming to power Han furthered the economic reforms started by Yang and consolidated the political reforms but found it difficult to implement further political reform due to conservative opposition within the government.

Under Han, the economy improved although the state intervened more then in the Qian years to maintain market stability. Following the Duljunese War which had ended under his predecessor Han was able to force through devolution in Duljun against the wishes of his own party.

In foreign relations, Han improved Xiaodong's profile focusing less on Xiaodong's traditional allies and pursing a policy of "thousand friends and no enemies". Under Han official diplomatic ties with Senria were formalised with Han meeting Senrian prime minister Sigesato Izumi in 2003, the first Xiaodongese First Minister to meet a Senrian leader. Han also sought to distance Xiaodong away from Ankoren and Tuthina instead promoting better ties with the Esquarian Community and Namor, visiting numerous EC states during his tenure.

Han's conciliatory moves towards Senria aroused the ire of conservatives which led to his reform programme to be further blocked. In 2005 Xiaodong underwent a currency crisis, with Han being seen as having reacted slowly to the crisis. Faced with low public approval and pressure within his party, Han resigned at the 2005 plenum, being the first Xiaodongese First Minister to do so. He was succeeded by Yuan Xiannian. At the 2006 election he retired from politics, taking a position as the Managing Director of Xiaodongese Petroleum and Gas in 2010.

Han's time in office saw Xiaodong's GDP grow rose rapidly as society became more open, and Xiaodong's international profile improved. However, he has been criticised for failing to implement politically difficult reforms, for being too cautious in regards to economic innovation and failing to deal with corruption, global warming and crime under his rule. Han has been both praised and criticised for overseeing devolution to Duljun despite substantial opposition from his own government, with some stating he brought stability to the region and others stating he weakened the territorial integrity of Xiaodong.

In 2018 Han was accused of embezzling $35 million from Xiaodongese Petroleum and Gas's profits and was removed from his post as Managing Director, being arrested by the police to stand try. He was subsequently expelled from the Regeneration Society.

Early life and education

Han Guanzheng was born in 1940 being the son of Han Zhanshu, a veteran of the Senrian-Xiaodongese War who became a state bureaucrat following the Corrective Revolution. Han had an older brother, Han Tingbiao and a younger sister Han Haiqing. His father died of cancer in 1949 Han Zhanshu died of bladder cancer, leading to him to be mainly brought up by his mother Han Jun. Han's father death meant that Han's family struggled economically, although when Han Tingbiao became the under-Secretary of Waterworks in Rongzhuo the family's situation improved. Nevertheless, Han was always educated in private institutions.

Han at the age of 15 joined the youth branch of the Xiaodong Regeneration Society, the Youth Front for National Revival, and became close to the national president of the Youth Front for National Revival. This enabled him to make links that allowed him to apply for and get accepted into the University of Rongzhuo where he studied chemical engineering where he specialised in studying chemical weapons.

In May 1961 he became engaged to Qiao Liyuan, who worked as a maid within the University of Rongzhuo. They were married two months later. Han graduated around the same time with a degree in chemical engineering - his degree paper was titled "On the effects of Sarin and Chlorine in modern warfare". After graduating he then took part in his mandatory military service (known as "Patriotic Civil Service") where he spent 18 months serving in the army, where it is alleged he helped in research for chemical weapons.

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