Heart of Hennehouwe

Heart of Hennehouwe

Hart van Hennehouwe
LeaderPieter Veer
FounderPieter Veer
Founded21 January 2021
Headquarters16 Albertsplaas, Wissel
Right-wing populism
Economic nationalism
Political positionRight-wing
Big tent (self-claimed)
Colors     Yellow
Slogan"Koop Hennische, Stem Hennische!"
("Buy Hennish, Vote Hennish!")
First Chamber
0 / 60
Second Chamber
0 / 180
Regional legislatures
6 / 633
Euclean Parliament
0 / 26

Heart of Hennehouwe (Hennish: Hart van Hennehouwe; HvH) is a populist political party in Hennehouwe.

It was founded by businessman and former television personality Pieter Veer in January 2021 ahead of that year's federal election. Veer entered politics in 2019 after he was dropped from the HNO television programme De Pitch over racist and sexist comments in 2016. He established the eponymous Veer List as a localist party in his home region of Upper Stegeren, which won 4 seats in the regional election the following year. The HvH is considered the successor party to the Veer List.

The HvH supports economically protectionist policies, advocating for a "Buy Hennish" domestic trade policy, incentivising firms to hire younger workers and the safeguarding of traditional industries such as steel production, automobile manufacturing and agriculture. The party identifies as regionalist, supporting greater decentralisation and cutting state bureaucracy, rallying against what it calls "the stranglehold on our country by s'Holle elites". The party also supports greater curbs on non-EC immigration and asylum seekers. The party's position on wider EC membership is ambiguous, though it rejects "increasing pervasion" of the organisation into the affairs of individual member states and supports "opting-out" of EC economic programs it deems are "outside the realms of Hennish interest".

Though the HvH refers to itself as a "big tent movement", commentators have described the party as being right-wing populist in nature. Veer has previously described the HvH as a "centrist, common sense" party and has sought to distance it from other parties on the right, such as the Patriot's March. Others have described the party as being a "vanity project" of Veer, comparing it to the rising phenomena of celebrity politicians across Euclea.

As of 31 August 2021, the party holds six seats in regional legislatures, including all four seats elected under the Veer List in Upper Stegeren, as well as two defections from the Patriot's March in the regional legislatures of Grotevlakte and Lower Stegeren. HvH also holds approximately 20 seats on municipal councils, all as a result of defections from other parties.