Hennish National Broadcasting

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Hennish National Broadcasting
Native name
Hennse Nationaal Omroep (Hennish)
Radiodiffusion nationale henaise (Gaullican)
Public broadcaster
Founded1 September 1925 (1925-09-01)
Area served
 Hennehouwe (and other neighbouring countries via overspill)
Key people
Annachien Tweebeeke (director general)
Mark Roos (council chair)
Productstelevision, radio, e-publishing, over-the-top media services, performing arts
Servicesradio, television, online
Decrease€894.31 million (2020)
OwnerGovernment of Hennehouwe
Number of employees
3,750 (2018)

Hennish National Broadcasting (HNO; Hennish: Hennse Nationaal Omroep; Gaullican: Radiodiffusion nationale henaise) is the main Hennish public broadcasting company headquartered in s'Holle. It is one of the world's oldest broadcasters, beginning radio transmissions on 1 September 1925. It is owned by the Government of Hennehouwe via the Ministry of Communications and Media.

HNO produces programming for and operates a number of domestic television, radio and online services. In addition, the company also operates services aimed at both international audiences and the Hennish diaspora. It is funded by a hybrid of direct government funding, advertising revenue and the majority of an annual broadcasting tax (omroepbelasting) on all households, from which funding is also allocated to other publicly-owned media entities.

HNO is one of the largest broadcasters in Hennehouwe, with its main competitor being the privately-owned Mediacentre. Its broadcasts can also be seen via overspill transmission in neighbouring countries such as Kesselbourg and Gaullica, as well as via satellite and the internet. HNO was one of the founding members of the Euclean Broadcasters Group in 1951.





HNO currently operates five national television channels as well as one international network. The domestic channels are available free-to-air through all television providers, including the national DVB-T terrestrial network, as well as online. The international channel, De Wereld, is not available on the domestic DVB-T platform but is broadcast on some cable and satellite providers. All channels are broadcast in high definition (HD).

De Eerste (The First)

  • HNO's primary channel, De Eerste broadcasts a wide variety of programming including news, light entertainment, drama, comedy, documentaries and films, as well as the Euclovision Song Contest. Most of the channel's content is Hennish produced including first-party productions, with much of the rest being first-run imports from Gaullica and Estmere. De Eerste also carries most of the broadcaster's news output, including the main programme Journaal van de dag at 20:00 and morning programme Hennehouwe's Morgens. De Eerste also carries local programming via eight regional opt-out stations.

De Tweede (The Second)

  • Founded in 1969, De Tweede acts as a compliment to the main network. It primarily broadcasts sports, cultural programming, children's and youth programming, documentaries, comedy, cinema and niche programming. The channel also broadcasts minority interest programming, including the broadcaster's news output in Gaullican, Estmerish and a number of other languages.

HNO Sport

  • HNO Sport broadcasts additional sports programming, including free-to-air coverage of the Veckbeker football cup and the Invictus Games. Outside of live sports coverage, it aires magazine programming, archived sports events and more niche sports coverage. The channel was called Sportkanaal from its launch in 2008 until a rebrand to its current name on 8 July 2022, coinciding with the start of the 2022 Summer Invictus Games.


  • Kinzen is HNO's children's channel. Its name is a portmanteau of its original name Kinderzender (Children's station). The channel broadcasts a wide range of pogramming aimed at children aged 0-14, including educational programming, cartoons, live-action series, game shows, news and anime. The channel broadcasts a preschool-orientated block known as Kinzen Jr from 09:00 to 15:00 on weekdays, and 09:00 to 11:30 on weekends and school holidays. Kinzen broadcasts from 06:00 to 19:30 daily, timesharing with HNO Extra.

HNO Extra

  • HNO Extra launched on 8 July 2022 as HNO Sport Extra for coverage of the 2022 Summer Invictus Games, gaining its permanent name on 2 August 2022. The channel replaced De Andere. It is HNO's 'overflow' television channel, primarily used for live events and other programming that cannot be aired on either main channels or HNO Sport due to oversaturated scheduling. Much of this overflow content is expected to be primetime sports coverage that cannot be fit into the schedule of HNO Sport, though the channel will also broadcast simulcasts of main network programming with Hennish sign language interpretation as well as archive content. Since 2 August 2022, HNO Extra only airs past 19:30, timesharing with Kinzen.

De Wereld (The World)

  • De Wereld is HNO's international channel, launched in 1997. Most of its schedule is dedicated to news, including rebroadcasts of news programmes from De Eerste and De Tweede. It also broadcasts some of the most popular regular programmes from HNO's national channels. De Wereld broadcasts primarily in Hennish and Gaullican, with opt-out audio channels available in Estmerish, Vespasian, Rahelian and Asteriaans.

In addition, HNO provides a number of programmes for the Gaullican and Estmerish-language broadcaster Nous.

Former services

De Andere (The Other)

  • Launched as Kanaal 3 in 2004, De Andere was HNO's complementary digital sister channel to the two terrestrial networks. Its programming included the arts, documentaries, archived shows, niche international series and movies, and 'periphary' programming to content on the main channels. De Andere also broadcasted reruns of popular programmes from De Eerste and De Tweede. The channel broadcased from 19:30 nightly, timesharing with Kinzen. De Andere closed on 8 July 2022 as part of HNO's long-term cost reduction measures and was replaced by HNO Extra.



The following radio stations are broadcast on FM in addition to DAB, television and online.

  • Radio A: Generalist station featuring news, talk, music and sports
  • Radio B: High-brow station featuring news, culture, politics and spoken word
  • Studio Z: Pop and new music station, targeted towards 15-34 year olds
  • Orkest: Classical music, jazz, soul and opera
  • Nous Radio (50%): Joint venture with Nous. Generalist programming in Gaullican and Estmerish


  • Radio A Gold: Non-stop music from the 60s to 90s
  • Radio A Vitrine: Music and performance sets from Hennish artists
  • Route 12: Rock, indie and alternative music
  • SZX: Electronic and dance music
  • Kinzen Radio: Children's programming
  • Sportkanaal Radio: Live sports coverage
  • HNO Nieuws 24: News reports on loop
  • Radio E: Music and programmes aimed at prominent immigrant communities, particularly Etrurian and northern Coian


HNO operates a network of 19 local and regional radio stations under the banner of Regio Radio. These stations serve a general audience specific to their local area. Most stations most go by a common name of the area served with 'Radio' as a prefix or suffix (eg. Radio Zilverzee, Binnenland's Radio), though some have entirely unique names (eg. H90.9 in s'Holle). The local radio stations are broadcast on FM, DAB and online.


De Wereld Radio (DWR), formerly known as Radio Hennehouwe, is the international radio network of HNO. It offers programming in a number of languages including Gaullican, Vesaspian, Weranian, Rahelian, Pardarian, Asteriaans, Soravian and Atudite.




News programmes are integral to HNO's schedule, and make up a considerable portion of its daily output. Much of the broadcaster's news content is grouped under the HNO Nieuws branding. De Eerste carries most bulletins, including the main national news programme Dagjournaal at 20:00 every day. De Eerste also broadcasts daily scheduled news programmes at 10:45, 15:00 and the late night bulletin after 23:00. HNO Nieuws also produces the broadcaster's morning programme, Hennehouwe's Morgens, airing from 06:30 daily. For important and breaking news stories, programming on the main channels can be interrupted for newsflashes.

HNO Nieuws produces a number of programmes for De Tweede, including the current affairs programme Panorama as well as news bulletins in Gaullican and Estmerish. Kinderjournaal, a children's news show, is produced for Kinzen. HNO's regional networks also produce regional news and current affairs programmes during opt-out times on De Eerste.

General entertainment

The final of Het Grote Songfestival often attracts more than 5 million viewers.
  • Het Grote Songfestival: An annual song competition, partially used to select the Hennish entry for the Euclovision Song Contest
  • Overleivingseiland: The original version of the successful reality show format Survival Island
  • Vandaag: Daily magazine chat show
  • Zaterdagnacht: Weekly talk show featuring high profile guests
  • De Week Vanavond: Satirical news show recapping the events of the past week in a humourous light
  • De Jager: Team-based game show
  • Laan: Twice-weekly soap opera
  • Witte Lijnen: Police procedural drama
  • Gagnants: Coming of age drama
  • Onze Planeet: Documentary series
  • Sportscore: Sports magazine and results programme