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Location of Aurelia on Eurth.png
Area13,500,000 km2 (5,200,000 sq mi)
CountriesList of countries in Aurelia
LanguagesList of languages
Time zonesUTC-8 to UTC-4
Largest citiesYulaa, Bílehora, Port-Réel, Wanaveraʻa, Miyako

Aurelia is a continent of Eurth, situated south of the continent of Alharu with which it shares a land border, east of Thalassa west of Marenesia and north of Antargis. The Aurelian League is the predominant organization tying the major nation-states of the continent together on matters of defence, economic cooperation, environmental protection, and cultural exchange.



Ancient Era

  • 700 BCE: Rise of Tengrol Empire.
  • 218 CE: Fall of Tengrol Empire. Disease from Aroman settlers?
  • 300 CE: Aroman settlers come in.

Imperial Era

  • 700: Xiseka takes northern Aurelia colonies.
  • 1000: Aurelia retakes north.
  • 1300-1500: Aurelia decentralises.
  • 1515-1535: Mito comes in to take Auriel.
  • Xio Kingdom plays off Mito and Auriel and gains independence.

Colonial Era

  • Early 1500s: Lysian colonies in southern Aurelia.
  • 1525: Aurelian empire formally falls.
  • Mid 1550s: Mantellan colonies in southern Aurelia.
  • Late 1500s: Lysian colony in northern Aurelia.
  • 1580: Taurapetra breaks from Mito. Age of empire on the mainland falls.
  • 1594: Dolchland and Rhodellia appear in the Auriel and mainland. Settle in fallen Aurelian provinces.

Early Modern Era

Contemporary Era

  • 1926-2000: Flaxzar war.
  • 1930s: Second Aurelian War (Mito is a meanie).
  • 1938: Formation of the Aurelian League. Direct response to 2nd Aurelian War. Originally a peace organisation.


  • Aurelian Wastes (western Aurelian desert & steppe).
  • North Aurelian Plain (large highland region between Wananga and Sfakien mountains).
  • Shfakien River Valleys
  • Aurelian Shield (island chains across western Aurelia).
  • Auriel (southern Aurelia).


List of States

The list below includes all states under any of the various common definitions of Aurelia, geographic or political.

Name Area
Capital Name(s) in official language(s)
 Anatea 246,000 34,230,970 Solisea Anatea
 Zaxar 778,000 10,000,000 Sandrica Zaxar
 Great Xio 784,000 8,829,200 Pashae Xiohane
 Kirvina 561,043 37,030,000 Akhileia Kirvínastíria
 Rhodellia 89,200 10,000,000 Friedrichstadt Rödelia
 Mito 59,355 9,723,000 Kenkyō Gokoku
 Advocatius 258,400 37,400,000 Victoires Avouélos
 Ionio 255,800 26,768,932 San Foca Ionio
 Sefesia 226,900 28,000,000 Tartessus Unknown
Native Aurelian Free State 244,000 10,000,000 Klingenfelder Unknown
Proncawi'chi 291,434 3,784,600 Unknown Proncawi'chi
Nuthahan 276,400 7,000,000 Unknown Nuthahan
 Kaseka 552 232,054 Kaseka Kaseka
 Louvier 244,900 17,010,000 Saint-Philippe Louvier
 Kolhar 239,930 39,534,000 Vakor