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League of Oil Producing States

League of Oil Producing States (LOPS)
Ligue des états producteurs de pétrole
Flag of League of Oil Producing States (LOPS) Ligue des états producteurs de pétrole
Location of League of Oil Producing States (LOPS) Ligue des états producteurs de pétrole
HeadquartersGarrafrauns, Caldia
Official languageGaullican
TypeIntergovernmental organisation
• Director
Narozalica Mojmír Semanco
• Statute
September 1976
• In effect
January 1978

The League of Oil Producing States, often abbreviated to the LOPS, is an intergovernmental organisation of 16 nations, founded to promote the sharing of technology and extraction techniques between the oil producing nations of the world. It was established on 12 September 1976 by its original members in and since 1978 has been headquartered in Garrafrauns, Caldia. Physical disruptions to the international oil market caused by the 1975 Irvadistan War led other major oil producers to cooperate in order to minimize the impact of the war. Its mission has since evolved to assist nations in developing their oil industries. The organization is also dedicated to serving as an information source for statistics surrounding the international oil market and related industries.

The LOPS acts as a policy advisory to its members, but also advises non-member countries that important significant quantities of oil and gas. Today, it is primarily focused on the "3Es" of energy policy: export, energy security, and economic development. The organization has been criticized for working to advance the petroleum industry as global emissions have resulted in climate change. LOPS advisers have at times tried to work against the promotion of renewable energy sources.

Member states

Nation Membership years Population Production
Production region
 Zorasan 171,998,206 13,555,147 Solarian Sea
 Cassier 1976– 39,689,032 8,000,000 Haillet's Sea
 Tsabara 56,877,657 4,248,710 Solarian Sea
 Valentir 1976– 51,690,103 3,623,879 Sublustrian Sea
 Xiaodong 1985– 553,746,000 2,456,076
 Nuxica 1976– 77,895,231 2,276,967 Vehemens Ocean
 Narozalica 1982– 88,081,653 2,000,000 Haillet's Sea
 Caldia 1976– 9,257,180 1,647,975 North Sea
 Mabifia 47,982,681 1,420,600 Banfura Sea
 Cavunia 26,427,082 1,229,357
 Varienland 1976– 7,538,726 939,760 North Sea
 Djedet 1976– 20,238,000 490,000
LOPS Total 1,151,421,551 41,888,471

Current LOPS leaders