Mass media in Tengaria

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The mass media in Tengaria consists in communication and broadcasting media of different fields, including newspapers, radio broadcasting, television, cinema and the internet. Since the establishment of the Kovachev regime in 1956, the government, through the Ministry of Communications, has extensive control over the field of mass media, with virtually all communications media being dominated by government owned platforms or under the pro-government private media conglomerate Solarian Media. As such, Tengaria has a high degree of concentration of media ownership, and ranks low on freedom of media.

Media in Tengaria



Newspapers and Magazines



  • Vyara (Episemialist, religion)
  • Istina (philosophy and science)

Radio Stations

Tengarsko Radio (public broadcaster)

Privately owned stations

Solarno Radio (Solarian Media)

  • SR I Novini (news, current affairs in Tengarian, principal station)
  • SR II Armonia (news, current affairs in Armonian Savader, with regional events)
  • SR III Calia (news, current affairs in Calian, with regional events)
  • SR IV Muzika (classical music, choral music, folk music)
  • SR V Govorene (talk radio, includes religious and philosophic discussion)
  • SR VI Sport (country-wide sports radio)
  • SR VII Mezhdunaroden (International broadcasting)


TV Stations

Tengarska Televiziya (public broadcaster)

Privately owned stations

Solarianska Televiziya (Solarian Media)