National Democratic Union (Mascylla)

National Democratic Union

Nationaldemokratische Union
ChairmanNiklas Grühnar
Vice chairwomanSabine Westerfeld
SpokespersonPeter Stier-Wünzborn
Founded29 April 1834; 186 years ago (1834-04-29)
HeadquartersFürther Straße 3, Königsreh, Mascylla
Youth wingYoung National Democrats
Membership (November 2019)Increase 89,924
Right-wing populism
National conservatism
Liberal conservatism
Economic liberalism
Political positionCentre-right to right politics
Colours     Green
SloganFor the Nation.
37 / 403
18 / 163
State Councils
298 / 1,569
Lords-minister of the states
2 / 21

The National Democratic Union (Hesurian: Nationaldemokratische Union, NDU), also called the National Democrats (Nationaldemokraten), is a centre-right to right liberal-conservative political party in Mascylla. Founded in 1834, it is the oldest continuously existing party in Mascyllary politics and historically one of its most influencial. It is the party with the second most coalition governments and the party with the most elected Prime Ministers. Securing representation in 20 out of 21 Reichsländer and Freie Städte, it is also the third-largest party. However in the 2016 federal election, the NDU received its lowest numbers of Reichsrat seats, loosing a fourth of its voters. As of 2019, it is led by Niklas Grühnar, Sabine Westerfeld, and Peter Stier-Wünzborn.

The party has been traditionally described as a nationalist, right-wing populist and conservative party with few liberal tendencies. Parts of the NDU have racist and xenophobic views, though the party's administration has continuously denied support for these positions. Beginning in 2018, connections to far-right movements such as identitarianism and ultranationalism have been uncovered and investigated by the High Court of the Realm.