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Prime Minister of Mascylla

Prime Minister of Mascylla
Prime ministerial standard Mascylla.png
Thomas Falkner

since 16 September 2016
Government of Mascylla
StyleThe High Honourable
His/Her Excellency
Member ofOffice of the Prime Minister
Reports tothe Monarch
ResidenceKronenrat building in Königsreh
Appointerthrough popular vote
Term length8 years (two terms possible)
Formation23 May 1793
DeputyWilfried Siege

The Prime Minister of Mascylla (Hesurian: Premierminister Maskilliens), also known as simply the Prime Minister or PM, is the elected head of government of the Crowned Republic of Mascylla. The office is the highest ministry and is able to dictate policies along with his cabinet and Reichsrat, and according to the views and policies of the ruling party and their coalition members. The office is currently occupied by Thomas Falkner of the Rehunion since 16 September 2016, leading a coalition government of the Centre and SDP.

The Prime Minister is elected through popular vote by all eligible citizens of Mascylla upon a nomination by a political party or announcement for running. While the Prime Minister can nominate ministers, the Reichsrat as well as formally the monarch either rejects or ratifies the proposed members of government. Furthermore, the monarch ceremonially appoints and grants the titular titles and orders to the winner of a prime ministerial election as Prime Minister, but is required to gain the confidence of a majority in the legislature. More often, the Prime Minister also appoints a Deputy Prime Minister, though such office is not official nor represented in the constitution. Before the end of an office term the Prime Minister can only be removed through a vote of no confidence by the Reichsrat, which requires the body to nominate a successor by a majority. In case the Prime Minister dies or resigns, the Deputy Prime Minister succeeds him or her in taking over governmental affairs while a new government is assembled.

The office of Prime Minister is regarded as the politically most influential statesman in Mascylla. For that reason Mascylla is sometimes referred to as a "Ministerdemokratie" ('ministry democracy'). However, the constitution places the Monarch (as head of state) and the President of the Reichssenat ahead of the Prime Minister according to its protocol order.


Prime Minister Term of office Affiliation Deputy Prime Minister
1 Friedrich der Große (1781 or 1786) - Google Art Project.jpg Wilhelm Stenreck
20 May 1793

8 September 1835
Unaffiliated Adolph Ernst-Hannel
Otto von Glücksfelde
Friedrich Gäste
2 Talleyrand 01.jpg Friedrich Gäste
16 September 1835

20 December 1843    
Unaffiliated Ludwig von Brechtscheid
Claus Mannerich
3 Soult2.jpg Emmanuel Lyder
2 January 1844

13 March 1853
National Democrats
Philipp Bräu
4 Bundesarchiv Bild 146-2004-0098, Bernhard Fürst von Bülow (cropped).jpg Moritz von Purbell
17 March 1853

24 June 1861
National Democrats
Georg Juhle
Hannes-Jürgen Meinsfeld
5 William Waddington.jpg Philipp Bräu
1 July 1861

22 November 1877
Hannes-Jürgen Meinsfeld
Wilhelm Fried
Oswald Göttinger
6 OswaldGöttinger.png Oswald Göttinger
13 December 1877

4 October 1885
Proletarian Party
Christoph Hängel
Siegfried Fischer
7 Graf Leopold von Caprivi cropped.jpg Fabian von Tilgern
10 October 1885

9 April 1893
National Democrats
Adelbert Ludwig
8 William Howard Taft cph.3b35813.jpg Georg Schmidt
18 April 1893

31 January 1901
Proletarian Party
Adelbert Ludwig
Moritz Brock
Erwin Schleppe
9 Edmund Barton crop.PNG Paul Martinsen
10 February 1901

27 August 1914
Lukas von Holern
Moritz Brock
Georg Maybach
Theodor Rähner
10 Thomas Woodrow Wilson, Harris & Ewing bw photo portrait, 1919.jpg Theodor Rähner
27 August 1914

1 March 1923
National Democrats
Georg Maybach
Augustus Ehren
11 Wilhelm Cuno, 1876-1933, half-length portrait, facing right LCCN2005680053.jpg Erwin Martinsen
4 March 1923

20 January 1924
Unaffiliated Vacant office
Mascyllary Revolution and establishment of the Crowned Republic in January 1924
12 Bundesarchiv B 145 Bild-F057884-0009, Willy Brandt.jpg Peter Zeschtemann
24 January 1924

15 September 1940
Peter Doppler
Heinrich Tannhaus
Jürgen Ebert
13 Gough Whitlam - ACF - crop.jpg Ernest Rähner
29 September 1940

14 May 1956
Social Democratic Party
(Sozialdemokratische Partei)
Linus Brühn
Rüdiger Menzel
14 Wolfgang Behrest.png Wolfgang Behrest
3 June 1956

18 November 1964
Social Democratic Party
(Sozialdemokratische Partei)
Friedrich Marschall
Harald Ruth
15 Earle Page.jpg Ulrich Werner
29 November 1964

11 April 1968
National Democratic Union
(Nationaldemokratische Union)
Konrad Dierck
16 Hubert Humphrey vice presidential portrait.jpg Konrad Dierck
13 April 1968

6 March 1973
Liberal Party
(Liberale Partei)
Lorenz Hubert
17 David Gehlgen.png David Gehlgen
17 March 1973

30 September 1981
Robert Bachmann
Marianne Ohning
18 GeraldineFerraro.jpg Charlotte Mayn
11 October 1981

14 August 1989
Social Democratic Party
(Sozialdemokratische Partei)
Ralph Grau
19 George H. W. Bush presidential portrait (cropped).jpg Michael Meilke
23 August 1989

19 March 2000
Liberal Party
(Liberale Partei)
Alexander Schuman
Konrad Folln
20 Konrad Folln.png Konrad Folln
20 March 2000

7 June 2008
Social Democratic Party
(Sozialdemokratische Partei)
Norbert Rüthers
21 François Fillon 2010.jpg Lothar Obrecht
13 June 2008

10 September 2016
Social Democratic Party
(Sozialdemokratische Partei)
Rudolf Blaich
22 ThomasFalkner.jpg Thomas Falkner
16 September 2016

Nikola Böhm
Wilfried Siege


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