Northern Forum

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Northern Forum
Flag of
Motto: Some cliche about cooperation
In green, members. In light green, partners.
In green, members. In light green, partners.
HeadquartersGothberg, Werania
Working languageWeranian
TypeIntergovernmental organisation
• Director-General
Per Björnsson
• President
Anton Raicevich
• Vice-President
Sofija Anasdohter
• Gothberg Agreement
Time zoneEuclean Standard Time (EST)

The Northern Forum is a regional organization for intergovernmental cooperation among the countries located on the North Sea of Euclea. It attempts to facilitate common policy on transit and energy infrastructure as well as climate change and the environment. Other issues deemed pressing by the member-states are also included in its agenda.

The budget of the Northern Forum is funded by its seven member states: Alsland, Azmara, Borland, Caldia, Blostland, Scovern, and Werania. Its secretariat and institutions are based out of Gothberg, Werania. The Northern Assembly is composed of members of parliament and its decision are advisory. The working language of the Northern Forum is Weranian.



Northern Travel Agreement

The Northern Travel Agreement, ratified in 19XX, is a passport union that allows citizens of the Northern Forum il to travel and reside in another participating country without any travel documentation (e.g. a passport or national identity card) or a residence permit. Identity documentation is not legally required to enter or reside in any participating state. However, some companies and government agencies may require proof of identity in order to qualify for certain services. This is true for services like banking, which requires identity documentation issued by a local government authority. Those who travel within the participating countries but come from outside of the Northern Forum or the Zilverzee Area must provide identity documentation to enter, however it is not required to move between the countries if all participating governments maintain a visa-free travel agreement with a foreign state.

Northern Joint Aviation Agency

As the popularity of civilian air traffic increased, the Northern Forum agreed to establish a single aviation authority among them. In 19XX, the Northern Joint Aviation Agency was established. It maintains a joint aircraft register and oversees the approval and regulation of all civil aviation in participating states.



The Council of the Northern Forum is responsible for intergovernmental cooperation. Heads of government have the ultimate responsibility and attend quarterly summits to discuss cooperation and issues facing member-states and North Euclea at large. The day-to-day responsibilities of the Council are delegated to a member of the Council’s Secretariat who is nominated by the head of government of each state. The President and Vice-President are selected from among the members of the council on a rotating basis.


The Director-General is responsible for overseeing all functions of the Council of the Northern Forum. This includes meetings of the Council and the agencies created by the agreements implemented by the Council. The Secretariat, which functions as the administrative arm of the Council is led by the Director-General. The Director-General also overseas all of the activities of the Northern Forum. The current Director-General is Per Björnsson of Geatland.

Relationship with other intergovernmental organizations


The Northern Forum has six members.

Member States

Country name Arms Flag Head of government Parliament Membership status Represented since
Full membership
Alsland 1280px-AlslandCOA.png Alsland Liekele Ykema Folkssenaat Sovereign state
Azmara Coat of arms of Azmara.png Azmara Freidrik Aleksaanderssun Alþing Sovereign state
Borland Coat of arms of Borland in Kylaris.png Borland (Kylaris) Anita Hoven Rÿksdagh Sovereign state
Blostland Blostlandcoa.png Ravel Backström Riksdag Sovereign state 1952
Caldia Glytter Lesser CoA.png Caldia Stiofán Mac Suibhne Tionól Sovereign state 1952
Scovern Coat of arms of Scovern.png Scovern Ine-Linda Nesby Rigsdagen Sovereign state
Werania Werania coat of arms (Lesser).png Werania Anton Raicevich Bundestag Sovereign state 1952


The Northern Forum maintains two formal partnerships. One is with the government of Estmere and the other is with the Commission of the Euclean Community. Template:Kylaris