Oko Broadcasting Corporation

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Oko Broadcasting Corporation
Public broadcaster
FoundedJuly 22, 2022; 22 days ago (2022-07-22)
Area served
 Makko Oko
Key people
Rikke Lassen
ServicesRadio, Television, Online
OwnerGovernment Of Makko Oko

Oko Broadcasting Corporation, also known as OBC, is the main Makko Oko public broadcasting company headquartered in Opposh.


OBC got its start when the Empire Of Makko Oko was originally incepted, right after the Civil Transition War. Many news publications had feared reporting on anything after the war went into the revolution's favor, so the government took over and created OMONN, the first, and only, news publication available in the nation, and it continued to stay that way for years. Sometime around 2021 to 2022, the government, being established after a couple of years, and officially recognized as the legitimate government internationally, set out to allow some private businesses, deeming the allowed ones, state authorized, but not all of them were allowed.

Originally, the government didn't want to sink its costs into state-run programming, other than MKBO, and so OMONN continued to be for news exclusively, with state-authorized private companies handling all the other channels. International channels weren't considered for broadcast very much, and very rarely did they actually end up getting approved by the government.

The Present

OMONN's Final Logo

July 22nd, 2022, is when the government's position on state-run programming changed. With the realization that physical news media such as newspapers were harder to censor and control, and even harder to know what was said on it until after it was already published and distributed, the Industry & Securities Oversight Commission, in coordination with Emperor Conall Solis and the Ministry Of Land Integrity, a national ban on physical news media was instated, and with that, OMONN's official transition into its current state, the OBC.

The ban itself, which killed off most of what OMONN was originally created for, at least partially, which was during a time when the internet infrastructure was poor, not even reaching 34% of the nation's people, caused the government to rethink its original stance on state-run programming, and ended up converting OMONN into the OBC in a mass expansion of state-run mass media.



OBC currently operates 3 national television channels as well as 1 international network. All channels, excluding international, are available for a charge as defined by the television provider in question, with the channels being available on all providers. The brand of television channels ran by OBC is known as OkoTV.

OkoTV 1 (The First)

  • OBC's primary channel, OkoTV 1, broadcasts strictly news, with its similar sibling, OkoTV 2, also broadcasting strictly news, but news that was shown earlier, to account for timezones. This channel was a founding channel of OBC's.

OkoTV 2 (The Second)

  • OBC's secondary channel, OkoTV 2, broadcasts strictly news, except news that was broadcasted earlier on OkoTV 1, to account for timezones. This channel was a founding channel of OBC's.

OkoTV News International (The News, Across The World)

  • OkoTV News International is an OBC channel that was created along with OkoTV 1 and 2 with the founding of OBC. The channel in question broadcasts news from Makko Oko to any nation and provider that agrees to carry it, subject to approval by the Makko Okoan Government.

OkoTV Makuri News (The News, All In Makuri)

  • OkoTV Makuri News is an OBC channel that was launched on July 24th, 2022. The channel in question broadcasts strictly news, but unlike OkoTV 1 and 2, OkoTV Makuri News does it only in the Makuri language. It is a channel exclusive to the nation, and none of the content broadcasted on it is put on OkoTV News International, with that channel only broadcasting news in English.

More channels are planned in the near future, with OBC just getting started.


OBC currently operates a single online service available to both local and international visitors.

Oko Online (The Only Online Source For News)

  • Oko Online is the defacto online news publication in the nation, being available to both local and international visitors. Oko Online mainly reports on domestic matters but in major incidents will report on international matters, which in some cases may not be available to international visitors. Oko Online was a founding online service of OBC's.

Former Services

OMONN Newspaper

  • OMONN Newspaper was the defacto newspaper service within the nation from the empire's inception in 2019 to July 22nd, 2022, when the OBC was founded.



News programs are integral to OBC's schedule, and make up a considerable portion of its daily output, considering that OBC's predecessor, OMMON, did only news content such as the OMONN Newspaper. News content that's broadcasted on TV channels such as OkoTV 1 and 2, have the branding of OBC News, while Oko Online has its own branding, which is just Oko Online.

Exclusive Programs

WorldVision Song Contest

Starting with WV101, the Makko Okoan Government officially declared that OBC, and in part, the Makko Okoan Government, claims and has the exclusive broadcasting rights to the WorldVision program within the nation. In addition, WV101 was the first WorldVision edition to be broadcasted within the nation, largely being ignored otherwise.

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