WorldVision Song Contest 101

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WorldVision Song Contest 101
The Final Round
Host Information
DateAugust 2022
VenueLipa Dome
PresentersLeon Moon
Angel Cambari
Directed byTBA
Executive SupervisorsWorldVision Committee
Executive ProducersTBA
Host BroadcasterBAEN
Opening ActXRA - "BOOM"
Interval ActKrux & Nazomi - "Aisuru"
WebsiteWorldVision 101: Lipa, Besen
Final number of Entries32
Debuting NationsAustrale, Makko Oko, Tescoland
Returning NationsIQQ NWBTHT, Estogium
Non-returning NationsZwanzug, Te Ika-a-Māui me Te Waipounamu, Crustyland, Elejamie, Darkmania, Electrum, Electrum Diplomatic Offices, Togonistan, Quebec and Shingoryeo, Ikslund, Moorland, Northern Beepee, Norrp, Ethane, Filshia, Yvesia, Hafamarimët
Voting systemEach national jury awards their top 10 points, from 12, 10, 8-1. A proportional televote is then given out amounting to the same total as the jury.
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The WorldVision Song Contest 101 took place in Lipa, Besen. The contest was organized by the International Broadcasting Alliance. It was the 101st edition of the WorldVision Song Contest.

Unlike WorldVision Song Contest 100, there were be no semi-finals involved, meaning that the format of WorldVision 101 was the same as the format of the 99th Contest.

There were 32 valid entries out of a total of 44. There was one non-valid entry (Flusia) and seven withdrawing countries. The contest was won by Ertzei Kishim, their seventh win. Llalta finished in second and Malta Comino Gozo in third place.


Three cities bid to host WorldVision Song Contest 101. The three cities were: Buaka, South Batoko, St. Christopher, Llalta and Lipa, Besen.

South Batoko proposed to have Worldvision 101 held in Buaka in the stadium, e-Hall. The e-Hall was set to have a maximum capacity of 80,000 people. Llalta proposed to have Worldvision 101 held in St. Christopher, where the contest will be held in the Millenium Hall. The Millenium Hall is an eco-friendly solution for Worldvision stadiums. However both of those countries did not obtain enough votes to host Worldvision leaving Lipa, Besen, the Host of Worldvision 101.

City Country Place Points
Buaka South Batoko 03 108
St. Christopher Llalta 02 118
Lipa Besen 01 134


The venue chosen to host WorldVision 101 was the Lipa Dome. The Lipa Dome was built in 2016 and has a maximum capacity of 42,000 people. The Lipa Dome is located in the southern part of Lipa, where it is less dense and therefore less traffic. Transportation to the Lipa Dome can be easily accessed by bus.

The stadium has large LED screen at the back and has a smaller stage that has two walkways. The floor of the smaller stage has LED lights while the floor of the back stage does not.

Participants and Results

Number Country Singer Song Place Points
02 Australe Étienne Riel Tout ce Qui Reste de la Trahison DSQ DSQ
03 Makko Oko Rae Kephart My Sole Being 28 32
07 Waisnor TAKI Pervyi khod 24 80
08 Axuva Cora Jeong Nothing 12 130
09 South Batoko Maryam and Emine Бың түшлер 21 101
10 The Supreme Democratic Monarchist Communist Grand Duchy Language-Speaking Carbon Dioxide-Breathing Idiocracy Fascist Marxist Socialist Soviet Vietcong Proletariat Autocracy Kingdom Colony Republic Empire Juche Dictatorship American Constitutional Free Federal Liberal Theocratic Great State Autonomous Regional Provinces Oppressed Peoples of Iqq Northwest Bir Tawil Halaib Triangles and Herzegovina-Ossetia-Southwestern-Kyrgyzstania-Switzerland DJ Eshay & John Johnathan Johnson MCG I’m Having Fun 30 15
11 Caryton Fisher Collins Sunshine DSQ DSQ
12 Carrelie Myra Shadows At Midnight 9 145
14 Placely Placington Wynan Schitt A Sad Song 32 2
15 Vartugia Malta Stan Club Give All Your Points To Malta 31 11
16 Fatimanian Federation Slnečnica Budem sa brániť 6 164
17 Malta Comino Gozo 5ive The Plan 3 189
18 Ertzei Kishim Malaakh Dayan BERSERK 1 226
19 StrayaRoos K/K You 22 95
20 Eljida Deniz Oktem & Aya Isik Aйти жaнум WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
21 Achaean Republic Kifak Infinito Amor 14 128
22 Zamboodle Wendy Dreamsicle A Man From Malta DSQ DSQ
23 Estana and Thaos Aaliyah Star Unite 29 29
24 Erie-Arcadia Peanut Gallery Buried 11 132
25 Antenovaria - - WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
26 Aenglide XS.png Aenglide VALKÆRJA Come And Take Me 5 178
27 Antahbrantahstan - - WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
28 Alezian Union Dinaruddina Almara I Broke My Truce 20 107
29 Mister X Rebound Orbis Non Svficit 4 184
30 Besen Echo Kaleidoscope 19 109
31 Tescoland Steve Tescoland 27 38
32 Polkopia Staša Redd Higher 18 121
33 Zeleniya ALLPINKQUEENS Boombaiya! 25 78
34 Titaniumland - - WITHDRAWN WITHDRAWN
35 Estogium AMIRAH DEJA VU 13 129
36 Saviera Reina Unida British Tapas 26 63
37 Beepee Gigi Zahors Fade to Black 16 127
38 The Hlhalta States Juniar Abracadabra 17 126
39 Pemecutan Meteora Hidup di Dunia 7 151
40 Todlichebujoku Letenje & Tütti Rautio Lifeline 10 137
41 Kalosia Niél sBor & Co. Mama 23 82
42 Britonisea Axel Lindgren The Darkness 8 148
43 Llalta Hana Uemura Ending Credits 2 195
44 Izmedu Nuestra sicanja Parting Ways 15 128

Non-Participating Countries

Withdrawing Countries

7 countries withdrew from the competition, each withdrawing for various reasons.

Other Non-Participating Countries

  • Illdonya – Illdonya's broadcaster, IGBA, was set to perform in WorldVision 101 with Nina Aratta's unreleased song. In a interview about the WorldVision 100 withdrawal, IGBA stated that they would have Nina Aratta perform in WorldVision 101. However, IGBA failed to confirm their participation when the time was due and the statement was "too early". A statement was released by IGBA on why Illdonya wasn't going to participate in WorldVision 101 and stated that IGBA was having staffing shortages and therefore couldn't staff the Illdonyan WorldVision team. IGBA also stated that they hope that they will participate in WorldVision 103 becaue they have hired more people for the team. IGBA still broadcasted WorldVsion 101. Illdonya last participated in WorldVision 99.
  • StrayaRoos Barrier Islands - SBI's broadcaster SBITV announced they wouldn't be participating due to the WorldVision Committee raising participation fees specifically so they couldn't participate after being DQed or withdrawing 4 editions in a row. SBI last participated in WorldVision 96.
  • Robloxian Robloxia – Robloxian Robloxia's broadcaster, RbxRbxa1, could not debut because of their previous disqualification in WorldVision Song Contest 99. This later made a 10 edition ban for RbxRbxa1 for broadcasting Worldvision by the Robloxian Robloxia laws. Robloxian Robloxia cannot participate until the ban is over or another broadcaster decides to broadcast Worldvision. Robloxian Robloxia has not debuted at the time.
  • Crustyland — Crustylandian Broadcaster, CRAP, mentioned that the broadcaster needed to secure funds before they could enter WorldVision 101. They stated this on the topic of the next contest, WorldVision 102. Crustyland last participated in WorldVision 100.