Omicron Cloud

Omicron Cloud
Messier51 sRGB.jpg
Trunzomen and Omicron Cloud
Observation data (Epoch A2000)
Right ascension13
Redshift465 ± 10 km/s
Helio radial velocity25 ± 3 Mly (7.7 ± 1.0 Mpc)
Mass5′.8 × 4′.6
Notable featuresTBA
Other designations
The Red Cloud

The Omicron Cloud is an interacting elliptical galaxy and companion galaxy to the Trunzomen Galaxy, to which it is 'attached' to the end of one of the arms of the spiral galaxy, and the two orbit one another. It is the galaxy in which the Tendor System and Anteria are located.

  1. Includes only substantial moons of Aurious, Nirduk, and Tsanfau.