List of Anterian Space Agencies

List of space agencies

The capabilities of the space agencies are color-coded as follows
  Human Lunar Exploration + Operates Space Station + Human Spaceflight + Operates Extraterrestrial Probes + Launch Capability + Operates Satellites
  Space Station + Human Spaceflight + Operates Extraterrestrial Probes + Launch Capability + Operates Satellites
  Human spaceflight + Operates Extraterrestrial Probes + Launch Capability + Operates Satellites
  Operates Extraterrestrial Probes + Launch Capability + Operates Satellites
  Launch Capability + Operates Satellites
  None Of The Above
Name Initialisms/Acronym Country Founded Terminated Capabilities of the space agency
Astronauts Operates Satellites Sounding Rockets capable Recoverable Biological Sounding Rockets capable
Prybourne Aeronautics Confederation
(Confederación Aeronaútica de Prybourne)
PAC  Prybourne 13 July 1974 Yes Yes Yes Yes
(SpekeX Aeronautics)
SEX  Speke 6 May 2002 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Neuew Space Organization NSO  Neuewland 15 May 1971 No Yes Yes Yes
Space Association of Dulando SAD  Dulando 3 August 1981 No Yes Yes Yes
Department of Space Exploration and Study DoSES  Albithica 4 July 2005 No Yes Yes Yes
Azillian National Organisation for Space Research
(Under the Ministry of ARES)
ANOSR  Aziallis 13th September 1972 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inter-Governmental Alliance for Astronomical Research and Development IGAARD International Coalition
Founded in  Aziallis
15th August 1994 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vihish Space Agency VSA Founded in Viha 859365.png Viha 1st January 2018 Yes Yes Yes No
Halsuntrian Interstellar Exploration Program HIEP  Halsuntria 17 November 1968 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wolfgalia Aeronautics and Space Organization WASO  Wolfgalia 20 July 1991 No Yes Yes Yes
Ganji Islands National Space Organization
(Kwanji Nacionál Espacó Organizacao)
GINSO  Ganji Islands 22 February 2006 Yes Yes Yes Yes
National Aerospace Research and Defense Agency NARDA  Sharkdonia 13 July 1981 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Toubazean Space and Aviation Association TSAA  Toubaze 1 October 1996 Yes Yes Yes No
Zhoushi Aeronautics and Space Organization
(Зөшijska Organizaƌe pro Aeronatyku a Prostor)
ZASO  Mustelaria,
6 September 1966 Yes Yes Yes No
Kiyortzani Spaceflight Association
(Kiyortzani Koshyi-Lura Pasiryinūl)
KKLP  Kiyortza 5 April 1987 No Yes Yes Yes
Kistolian Institution for Space Exploration
(Kistillio I'aszi Fi'a Spa'isza Exi'ato)
KISE  Kistolia 16 March 1988 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sebric Institute for Astronautics
(Sebri Institæta fure Asteronatejin)
SIA  New Sebronia 7 January 1989 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kentalian Bureau for Space Flight
(Кенталијански биро за свемирски лет)
KBSF  Kentalis 15 Januari 2014, Oficially made public 15 Sebtember 2020 Template:In Training Yes Yes Yes
New Sarmathia Aeronautics and Space Research Organisation NSASRO  New Sarmathia 13 June 2005 (as TU-CSS)
27 August 2020 (as NSASRO)
No Yes No No
National Space and Satellite Service N3S  Layfet 1 June 1975 Yes Yes Yes No
Oisín Aeronautics & Space Organization
(Oisín Flyg- och rymdorganisation)
OSA  Blechingia 31 January 1963 Yes Yes Yes Yes
  1. Includes only substantial moons of Aurious, Nirduk, and Tsanfau.