Viscosity 3

Viscosity 3
Artist render of Viscosity 3
Mission typePlanetary exploration
COSPAR IDTemplate:Cospar
SATCAT no.Template:Wd
Mission duration49 years, 11 months and 9 days elapsed
Spacecraft properties
ManufacturerALT Corporation
Launch mass825.5 kilograms (1,820 lb)
Power420 watts
Start of mission
Launch dateMay 14th, 1971, 14:29:00
Launch siteLatinum Point, Alcoyeno
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Viscosity 3 is a space probe launched by PAC on May 14th, 1971, to study the outer planets. Part of the Viscosity program, It was the first and only probe of it's class cleared for exploration. During it's flybys, Viscosity 3 was able to provide scientists and AISC members with it's stunning photos of the two outer planets. It is the first and only spacecraft to have visited either of the ice giants. Due to it's unique nature and positioning, Viscosity 3 has been re-purposed as a deep space explorer and now aims to leave the Tendor System for further study.

  1. Includes only substantial moons of Aurious, Nirduk, and Tsanfau.