Caliesia Outpost

Caliesia Lunar Outpost
Caliesia base 3D model visualisation
Caliesia's location on the Moon
Outpost statistics
Call signSigma, Caliesia
CrewFully crewed: 4
Currently aboard: 3
Launch5 June 2021; 18 days ago (2021-06-05)
Mass78,200 kg (172,400 lb)
Length10.6 m (35 ft)
Width7.8 m (26 ft)
Height4.5 m (15 ft)
Pressurized volume173.6 m3 (6,130 cu ft)
Atmospheric pressure100.0 kPa (14.5 psi; 1.0 atm)
oxygen 21%, nitrogen 79%
Location82°37′22″N ; 50°02′28″E
(North of Krammpohl Crater)
Days in place13 days
Days occupied9 days
Caliesia base patch

The Caliesia Lunar Outpost is a space outpost close to the lunar north pole, being operated by San Calia. It is the only human outpost on another space body than Anteria, as well as being the furthest, and therefore the most isolated, outpost in existence.


The Caliesia Lunar Outpost was launched on June 5th, 2021. The Original launch date was June 11th but was moved up due to weather predictions of storms for the rest of the month.

Current operations


Future development


Supplying flights

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In-orbit refueling

Lunar expeditions, before being shipped to the Moon itself, need to refuel on the Low Anterian Orbit. Although docking mostly with the ISS in most cases, two flights were refueled in SLAOS.

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