Vector 1

Vector 1
Depiction of Vector 1 in space
Mission typePlanetary flyby
COSPAR IDTemplate:Cospar
SATCAT no.Template:Wd
Mission duration4 months, 7 days
Spacecraft properties
Spacecraft typeVector
based on Miner430 Block VI
ManufacturerALT Corporation
Launch mass202.8 kilograms (447 lb)
Power220 watts (at Stratos encounter)
Start of mission
Launch dateNovember 4, 1960, 06:53:14
Launch siteLatinum Point, Alcoyeno
End of mission
Last contactJanuary 3, 1961
Orbital parameters
Reference systemHeliocentric
Perihelion altitude105,464,560 kilometers (56,946,310 nautical miles)
EpochDecember 27, 1960
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Vector 1, originally known as Miner 480x1 was space probe originally designed by the PAC to scope out the possibility of space mining, later turned exploration vessel when it became the first robotic space probe to conduct a successful planetary encounter. Not long after it's successful flyby, Vector 1 was lost due to a battery failure and a sister probe, Vector 2 was launched in it's place to later complete the first flyby of all inner Tendor planets.

  1. Includes only substantial moons of Aurious, Nirduk, and Tsanfau.