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Operation Torchbearer

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Operation Torchbearer
Part of the Finstrian insurgency (1977–1988)
Operation Torchbearer.png
From left to right: A convoy of tanks of the Mascyllary Army advance towards Schwerarch, Krumlovian troops are deployed by a helicopter, an AN peacekeeping soldier observes the shelled ruins of Thrayn, Finstrian militias protect a toppled checkpoint.
Date4 January 1986 (1986-01-04) – 12 January 1988 (1988-01-12) (2 years and 8 days)

Coalition victory


States enforcing ANSC Resolution 812:

Anti-Eisenring forces
(Eisenring regime)
Commanders and leaders
Mascylla Charlotte Mayn
Mascylla Bernd Meinzel
Mascylla Joachim Hochmuth
Mascylla Roman Mose
Carl Eisenring
Coalition force: 35,000
Mascylla 35,000
Total: X
Casualties and losses
Coalition: 189 killed, 601 wounded
Mascylla 189 killed, 601 wounded

Operation Torchbearer was a multi-state AN-led coalition military intervention in Finstria beginning on 4 January 1986. The invasion phase lasted over three months, ending on 10 March, in which a combined force from Krumlau, Lavaria and Mascylla, officially referred to as the Assembly of Nations Peacekeeping Force in Finstria (ANPFIF), invaded Finstria. As a peacekeeping mission of the Assembly of Nations, it was tasked with implementing Assembly of Nations Security Council Resolution 812, in response to events during the Finstrian insurgency: preventing a recurrence of fighting following national violence between the Eisenring regime and rebellious factions, contributing to the maintenance and restoration of law and order and facilitating a broad return to normal conditions, while also overseeing a political shift of power and the dismantlement of the country's dictatorship.