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Erdaran Union

Flag of Erdaran Union Hesurian: Erdarische Union Juznik: Ragucijtis Sąjunga
Motto: "Stärke in Einheit" (Hesurian)
"Strength in Unity"
Anthem: "Sarabande" (instrumental)
Erdaran Union members (blue) and associated partners (light blue)
Erdaran Union members (blue) and associated partners (light blue)
CapitalLilienburg (de facto)
Largest cityFlussmund
Other languagesAlmic, Hesurian, Juznik, Wenish
TypePolitical and economic union
• Chancellor of the Union
Matthias Gaissler
• President of the Parliament
Sigita Kulėšienė
• President of the Council
Werther Sahlen
• Treaty of Lilienburg
21 March 1964
• Treaty of Eichau
6 November 1969
• Treaty of Nordgau
13 September 1975
• Total
1,532,600 km2 (591,700 sq mi)
• Water (%)
• 2019 estimate
Increase 125,627,100
GDP (nominal)2019 estimate
• Total
Increase $4.254 trillion
• Per capita
Gini (2019)36.5
very high

The Erdaran Union (EU) is a political and economic union consisting of six states that largely make up the cultural and geographic region of Erdara. The union has a combined estimated population of over 125 million and an estimated GDP of around $4.25 trillion. The EU has strived to increase the free movement of goods, services and people between the nations of Erdara, enact internationally binding decisions on maintaining common policies, and many ideas surrounding more Erdaran unionism and integration have emerged due to the EU's success of unifying the continent, particularly following the conclusion of the Great Game and the Second Grobina War. As a supranational organization, it has made efforts to synchronise national judiciary into a uniform set of laws that apply to all members. An internal single market was developed in 1990, coming into effect in 1992, and has abolished passport control for travel within the EU. One of the largest movements of further integration is the establishment of a common currency and monetary union between the member states, which is currently debated.

The EU was formally founded in the Treaty of Lilienburg, signed into effect on 21 March 1964 between Mascylla, Lilienburg and Krumlau as the Inner Three of the union.