Paretian Section of the Workers' International

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Paretian Section of the Workers' International
Luzelese nameSeção Paretiana da Internacional dos Operários
Esmeiran nameSección Paretiana del Internacional de los Obreros
Visegan nameSección Paretiana do Internacional dos Obreiros
Tosuton nameSecció Paretiana del Internaionale dels Obrer
LeaderSalomão Andrade
Deputy LeadersJosefina Esteller
Calisto Soares
FoundersJoãozinho Salgado
Otávio Henriques
Founded8 August 1913
HeadquartersPrecea, Luzela
NewspaperVoz dos Trabalhadores
Student wingStudent's Leftist Revolutionary Movement
Youth wingParetian Socialist Youth Front
IdeologyCouncil socialism
Revolutionary socialism
Labour movement
Libertarian socialism
Political positionLeft-wing to Far-left
Euclean AffiliationMixed Radical Left
Colors         Crimson, Silver
Câmara da Assembleia
9 / 120
Câmara do Congresso
26 / 360
Regional Presidencies
0 / 4
Regional Legislatures
31 / 435
Euclean Parliament
5 / 65
Election symbol

The Paretian Section of the Workers' International (Luzelese: Seção Paretiana da Internacional dos Operários; Esmeiran: Sección Paretiana del Internacional de los Obreros; Visegan: Sección Paretiana do Internacional dos Obreiros; Tosuton: Secció Paretiana del Internaionale dels Obrer), or the SPIO is a left-wing political party in Paretia. It was founded in 1913 in secret by leftists, union leaders and socailists in Sigolus, Tosutonia. Leftist parties of the sort were banned in 1902. The party was originally an underground organization until legalization in 1919. The party would gain popularity as the third most popular party in the country at the time, behind the functionalists and democrats.

During the 1920s they went into opposition against the rising New Nation of Paretia Party, a radical functionalist movement headed by Carlito Palmeira. This turbulent era in Paretia was marked by street brawls and riots between the SPIO and PNNP. The later functionalist takeover in 1925 would see the banning of the SPIO by Palmeira and many of it's top members arrested. Lower profile members formed a resistance and allied with the liberal-centrist Democrat Freedom Organization in doing resistance operations against the functionalist government.


The party was for along time one the smallest parties in the Senado da Paretia, as the Social Democrats and Greens have taken many of the more moderate members. It remains today led by Salomão Andrade, who has been the leader since 2019. It is a member of the opposition to the government, alongside the other, mostly left-leaning parties. Despite being a far-right victory, the SPIO saw massive gains in the 2021 Paretian general election, and formed an alliance with the SD, Greens, and others to try and counter the far-right O Povo government.

The Party historically was considerred far-left, Anti-EC, anti-establishment, and anti-globalist. It historically was very radical and once was had armed wings of the party. Since the 70's the party has become less radical and moderate in an attempt to sway supporters of the Social Democrats. Since Andrade's takeover as the leader the party has undergone a massive overhaul on it's messaging and has taken a more civil approach.


Joãozinho Salgado, Founder and 1st Chairman of the SPIO




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