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Spotlight Article

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Amrita is a Nifonese cryptocurrency that was created in 2015 by Saito Daiei, a software engineer living in Ishikawa, who had a vision for a system of a decentralized finances. Currently the network is developed by Amrita Labs, being a subsidiary of the state-owned Nifonese Cybertronic Group, which owns 65% of sharess while remaining 35% are in the hands of private investors. Mr. Saito now occupies a position of Chief Engineer within Amrita Labs. Amrita is based around a peer-to-peer network. In this sense, a blockchain is a set of blocks of information arranged chronologically. Amrita miners run complex rigs in order to solve equations within the blocks. Responsible for securing the transactions is a proof of work mechanism using scrypt as it's basis. Target time of solving a single block is 2.5 minutes, which allows for swift, efficient transactions not possible with other cryptocurrencies. (See more...)

Did you know…

  • Maki Kojiro has been Shogun of Nifon since 2008, and was Prime Minister between 1990 and 2008?
  • In 2017, the net worth of the Redshield Foundation was estimated to be approximately $515 billion?
  • Bourgougia is the second-largest country by land area in Musogorica, after Barssois?


Spotlight country

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Coat of arms of Carloso.png
Carloso (Carlosian: Cárloso), officially the Federal Republic of Carloso (Carlosian: República Federal de Cárloso), is a transcontinental sovereign, federal parliamentary constitutional republic composed of twenty-four provinces located in Western Musgorocia, each exercising a limited degree of autonomy from the central government based in the nation's capital; Madrigal. The Sanander Islands and the South Liskeard Islands are governed as unincorporated territories directly administered by the Carlosian government. The mainland portion of the country is bordered by Agostinia to the south, Orticuria and Sarabagia to the east, Acrary, Gran Laurencia and Taliaferro to the north and the Musgorocian Ocean to the west. With an area of 2,400,919 square kilometres (927,000 sq mi) and a population of 359,726,397 according to the most recent census, Carloso is the third-largest country in Musgorocia, after Bourgougia and Barssois, and the most populous. (See more...)

Latest news

Santander interview.png
  • As the economic fallout of the CaBI19 crisis grows, Kesslerstaadter bank Spitszuil Brothers collapses into liquidation with outstanding debts of $127 billion.
  • Campaigning begins for the first round of presidential elections in Raditia. The winner will succeed outgoing President Villiam Zeintek.
  • Estebán Santander (pictured) becomes Deputy Leader of National Salvation, Carloso's ruling party. He succeeds George Spalding.
  • Roman Zoltan-Casadar becomes Emperor of Gadyaria after a national referendum on the restoration of the country's monarchy succeeds.
  • The value of Yughana's currency, the Imperial okuta, continues to plummet, as Emperor Tadenikawo XII announces that the production of money is to be sped up.

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