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National Salvation (Carloso)

National Salvation
Sélvasion Násional
LeaderCárlos Tobón
Founded7 September 2010
(9 years ago)
Split fromConservative Party
HeadquartersMadrigal, Carloso
Youth wingSalvationist Youth
Juventud Salvacionista
Membership (2020)Increase 5,385,104
 • Christian right
 • Carlosian nationalism
 • Right-wing populism
 • National conservatism
 • Economic nationalism
 • Anti-liberalism
 • Anti-communism
 • Souverainism
 • Protectionism
 • Militarism
 • Distributism
 • Republicanism
 • Economic liberalism
 • Guild socialism
 • Synarchism
Political positionRight-wing to far-right
Colours     Dark blue
     Dark red
Slogan"Ourselves Alone"
"Nosotros Solos" (Spanish)
National Assembly
507 / 859
Provincial Assemblies
3,253 / 7,246
Circuit Councils
9,959 / 18,985
District Councils
54,878 / 116,219
Election symbol
National Salvation election symbol.png

National Salvation (Carlosian: Sélvasion Násional) is a right-wing, nationalist political party in Carloso. It was formed on 7 September 2010 by former members of the Conservative Party during the Corrective Revolution, in reaction to plans to hold a referendum on the legalisation of abortion. This was ultimately the result of long-standing disputes within the parliamentary party about social and economic polcy, as well as internal opposition to the Conservative–Democratic coalition government at the time. After the complete collapse of Conservative support in the 2010 Carlosian general election; the greatest collapse in support for an incumbent government in Carlosian history, National Salvation picked up a massive chunk of their voter base and secured a near-majority in the National Assembly. The minor Social National Party merged with National Salvation in the run-up to the election. After a protracted series of talks on government formation, National Salvation eventually formed a minority government after securing a confidence and supply deal with a group of rural and ex-military independents. In 2015 it secured an outright parliamentary majority, which hadn't been achieved by any party since 1995. It is by far the largest party in the country in terms of both membership and voter share. Under the rule of National Salvation, Carloso has undergone an extraordinary political, economic and cultural reorientation.

Since they party's founding, its leader has been Cárlos Tobón. The organisation of National Salvation is centred around the internal Central Standing Committee, made up of senior figures within the party.

While it can be broadly described as nationalist, anti-communist and traditionalist, National Salvation has also been called a big-tent party, having inherited much of the structure and apparatus of the more moderate Conservative Party, though these factions have weakened as years have gone by.



Political profile

Social policy



External affairs


International relations

The party maintains relationships with many like-minded organisations around the world, such as the National Vanguard in Acrary and the Sonteitō in Nifon.



Leader Portrait Period Constituency Years as President of the Executive Council
Cárlos Tobón 37th Carlosian President Portrait.png 2010–present Tolesa, Maveira & Firosa 2011–present
(Government of the 42nd National Assembly, 43rd National Assembly)

Deputy Leader


Election results

Election Seats won ± Position First Pref votes % Government Leader
423 / 859
Increase423 Increase1st 47.3%
National Salvation
with independent confidence & supply
Cárlos Tobón
507 / 859
Increase84 Steady1st 57.8%
National Salvation
Cárlos Tobón
0 / 859
TBA TBA TBA TBA Cárlos Tobón