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Manala is a community devoted to worldbuilding and roleplaying in a Modern Technology setting. Manala is home to individuals from all walks of life and from across the globe. nations are tasked with navigating the diplomatic landscape and using their nation's resources to either wage war or help bring prosperity to their nations, cooperating with others and managing the consequences of their actions.

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The Fluvannia Hockey League (FHL; Vinn: Kolmemaatan jääkiekkoliiga; Bergwieser: Fluvanniener Eishockey Liga; Umitaku: ふるばにやホッケーリーグ) is a professional ice hockey league in eastern Abos, comprised of 12 teams -- ten in Fluvannia and two in Dunferm. It is often considered one of the premier hockey leagues in the world, if not the premier league. The FHL is the most-watched sports league in Fluvannia in terms of television viewership, and the wealthiest sports league in Fluvannia in terms of revenue. At the conclusion of the regular season, the top eight teams play for the Union Cup. (See more...)
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