Stephania, Princess of Youth

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Stephania Pinaria.jpg
Stephania in Heraclea in 1991
Born8 March 1964
St Maria's National Hospital, Velia, Castellum ab Alba
Died18 July 1991(1991-07-18) (aged 27)
Heraclea, Latium
Burial31 July 1997
Imperial Crypt, Castellum
(originally interned at St. Maria's Basilica, Cularo)
IssuePrincess Maria of Latium
Full name
Aelia Pinaria Stephania Alexandria Augusta
HousePinaria (by birth)
Claudia (by marriage)
FatherDuke Michael Pinarius
MotherChristina Junia
ReligionFabrian Catholic

Stephania, Princess of Youth (Aelia Stephania Alexandra Augusta née: Pinaria; 8 March 1964 – 18 July 1991), posthumously known as Stephania Augusta, was the first wife of Jason VI Augustus of Latium, from 1988 until her death in 1991.

Stephania was born into the Pinarii family, a family of Imperial and noble descent, and was the middle child of Michael Pinarius, 15th Duke of Capena and his wife Christina Tullia. Stephania studied at Transtiberim College at the University of Haenna, graduating after three years in 1988.

Stephania rose to prominence when she became linked to then Jason, Prince of Youth during secondary school and again during university. Her wedding to Prince Jason took place at Sancta Sapientia, in Castellum, upon which she was known as Stephania, Princess of Youth. Throughout her marriage to Jason, Stephania was noted for her welcoming demeanor, often visiting hospitals, children's homes, schools and other facilities in line with her charitable undertakings. She passed away on 18 July 1991 in a car accident in Heraclea. She and Jason had one child, Princess Maria. Stephania was posthumously declared Augusta by decree of her husband, Jason, following his ascension to the throne in 1997.

Early Life and family

Stephania was born on 8 March 1964 to Christina (née: Tullia-Junia) and Michael Pinarius, Duke of Capena, at St Maria National Hospital in Velia, Castellum ab Alba. She had four siblings: Michael, Thomas, Georgia and Dominica. Her father was a former aid to the Jason Claudius, Duke of Adrianople, and a prominent Castellum-based attorney specializing in criminal defense. Her mother, Christina, is a noblewoman by virtue of being the daughter of a Latin peer and has been a school teacher for the last thirty years. Stephania's paternal grandfather was the 14th Duke of Capena and her maternal grandfather was the 20th Duke of Rhenus. She is also a descendant of Latin Emperor Theophylactus I Augustus and Emperor Nathan II of Ghant by way of her grandmother Gregoria Gentilis-Ravenna.

She was primarily raised in Colonia Augusta and metropolitan Castellum. She was eventually enrolled at Lyceum Sanctus Michaelis, where she would remain for primary and secondary school. Following her graduation, she attended Transtiberim College, Haenna. While at Sancte Michaelis, Stephania first met her future husband Jason, Prince of Youth – later Emperor Jason VI Augustus. After earning her degree from Transtiberim, she was employed as a secondary school teacher from 1985 until her engagement in 1986.

Marriage to Jason VI Augustus

Stephania first met Jason, Prince of Youth when she was 14 in 1978, during her first year of secondary school. Classmates have stated that the two quickly became friends and were soon inseparable. This reportedly did not sit well with Stephania's father, Michael. According to an employee at his Castellum-based law firm, who told local news outlets that "he doesn't want his daughter around [Prince Jason];" her father never publicly confirmed this, and later in 1987 had said that "[Prince Jason] is like a son to me".

Her first public appearance with Jason was in 1979 where she accompanied him to Ludi Circenses. She was later invited to attend the state dinner of the visiting {ruler} in November 1979. The press often speculated that Jason and Stephania were courting from 1979 until 1981, though Imperial Offices never confirmed the reports. Friends close to Stephania claim that her relationship with Prince Jason ended abruptly in fall 1981 after each had started university. It is unknown whether the two kept in contact during this separation, though the two would reconnect in 1985 during Transvectio Equitum at Academia Militaris Olympia. A relationship was eventually confirmed by Imperial Offices later that year.


Stephania became engaged to Prince Jason on 22 October 1986. After the engagement, Stephania began to live at Velia House with Jason, which is the official residence of the heir apparent in Castellum. This became highly controversial as they were not yet wed, though they lived together throughout their engagement.

Stephania and Prince Jason were married on 12 June 1987 at Sancta Sapientia in Castellum, at a ceremony attended by Latin royalty, lords, and other prominent figures from around the world. She became Princess of Youth upon marrying Jason.


After her marriage, Stephania and Jason continued to reside at Velia House for the remainder of 1987. The following year, they would relocated to Palatium Supranio in Adrianople, which would remain their primary residence through the rest of the marriage.


On 18 July 1991, Stephania was killed in a car accident while her motorcade was driving on Via Imperialli in the forum district of Heraclea. Her car was struck from the passenger side by a van in what was deemed by police and Praetorian officials as an accident. The accident also resulted in the death of Stephania's private secretary, Flavius Coelius, and the injuries of her driver, who was a member of the Praetorian Guard, and her Lady-in-waiting, Aelia Tullia-Junia. Stephania was given a state funeral on 25 July 1991 in Castellum ab Alba, which was televised on all major Latin network television stations, including international networks. Her remains were originally entombed at Saint Maria's Basilica in Cularo, where many members of her family are interned. On 31 July 1991, her remains were moved to the Imperial Crypt in Palatine, Castellum.

Titles, styles, honors and arms

  • 8 March 1964 – 12 June 1987 : Lady Stephania Pinaria
  • 12 June 1987 – 18 July 1991: Her Imperial Highness The Princess of Youth


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Coat of Arms of the noble House of Pinaria
Coat of arms of The Princess of Youth (1987–1991)