Stratos III

Stratos III
Orbital characteristics
Epoch A2000
Aphelion583620 km (362640 mi)
Perihelion457520 km (284290 mi)
520569 km (323467 mi)
45.4063 d (1.49179 months)
0.834 km/s (0.518 mi/s)
Inclination3.7661° (to Stratos's equator)
13.2657° (to the ecliptic)
Satellite ofStratos
Physical characteristics
Dimensions43.2 km × 28.5 km × 32 km
Volume24170.79 km3
Mass4.4191 × 1016 kg
Mean density
1.8283 g/cm3
0.0025 m/s2 (mean)
13.17 m/s (43.2 ft/s)
Albedo0.098 Geometric
13.696" (From Stratoshian surface, mean)

Stratos III is the furthest moon of Stratos, orbiting at an average distance of more than 520,000 kilometers. It has a highly elliptical orbit due to the fact that it is most likely a captured asteroid.